The National Council of Commercial Court Registrars
The National Council of Commercial Court Registrars represents the profession, entrusted with defending its collective interests when dealing with Ministries, members of Parliament, employer organisations and trade unions both in France and in Europe. Within the district of each appeal court, the commercial court clerks elect a member of the National Counsel whenever they have more than 5 members in the court. When this is not the case, the National Council member is elected by a college made up of clerks of the court of the appeal Court district and those exercising in a neighbouring appeal court. The mandate is for 4 years and may be renewed once.

These representative court clerks will then elect representatives for a duration of two years to make up the Bureau of seven members: a Chairman, a vice chairman, a secretary, a treasurer and three officers.
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The roles of


The Conseil national des greffiers des Tribunaux de commerce [National Council of Commercial court registrars] or CNGC is the profession's representative body to government authorities. It is closely linked with the Garde des Sceaux [Attorney General] who appoints the registrars and makes them the delegated representatives of State power.
More generally, CNGTC represents the profession before French and European ministries, members of parliament, employer organisations and trade unions.
They also have the responsibility of defending the collective interests of the profession and may be requested by the Ministry of Justice or public prosecutors to give their opinion on registry office closures, examination exemptions, access to other legal professions, creation of registry offices, etc.