ven., 13 déc. 2013 17:23:00 +0000

Survey: price becomes the leading online purchasing criterion for French people

According to the results of the 3rd global survey by the audit and consultancy firm PwC, price is today the leading criteria leading a French person to make an online purchase (when purchasing directly from a brand). In 2012, the scope of supply and the breadth of the range occupied this position. Moreover, purchasing frequency has not changed since last year, and the share of new online purchasers has only increased by 5% (21% in 2012). E-commerce and multi-channel commerce still however represent opportunities for growth. The parties surveyed expressed a clear appetite for a purchasing route increasingly linked to the internet, whether in searching for a product or in the purchase itself.
Concerning the technology used for the purchase, whilst the breakthrough in France of mobiles and tablets is not as striking as in the majority of other countries, it is still seeing a sharp rise: + 10 points for purchases made using a tablet (16% to 26%) or a smartphone (15% to 25%) between 2012 and 2013: Everywhere in the world, it is the lack of accessibility which is the leading obstacle to online purchases.