jeu., 16 janv. 2014 17:27:00 +0000

Notice by the CCRCS: legal representation power within a simplified joint stock company

Notice no. 2013-023 of the Coordination Committee of the Trade and Companies Register (CCRCS) has indicated that, in the case of simplified joint stock companies (SAS), a managing director, or deputy managing director indicated on the RCS, may certify as true and accurate a copy of a deed or exhibit registered as an annex on said register and that the clerk may accept such a document.
Legal representation of a simplified joint stock company many not indeed fall solely and exclusively under the remit of its chair. It may be conferred to the chair, but also to the managing director or deputy managing director pursuant to the provisions of the articles of association (previously filed with the RCS). Provision is made accordingly under article L. 227-6(3) of the Commercial Code concerning the power of commitment and action on behalf of a simplified joint stock company which may be exercised "usually" by general management if provision is made explicitly under the articles of association.