dim., 23 févr. 2014 16:29:00 +0000

New president of European notary publics: Me André Michielsens

The European Union Council of Notary Publics (CNUE) has a new president for 2014. André MIchielsens, a Belgian notary public, will take over from Frank Molitor (notary public from Luxembourg). The six presidents of notary publics comprising the new Board of Directors are:

  • Me Jean Tarrade (French notary public and vice president of the CNUE) ;
  • Me José Manuel Garcia Collantes (Spanish notary public) ;
  • Me Martin Foukal (Czech notary public) ;
  • Me Dumitru Viorel Manescu (Romanian notary public) ;
  • Me Peter Danczi (Slovak notary public) ;
  • Me Marjana Ticar Bester (Slovenian notary public).

In the perspective of the European elections in 2014, European notary publics had the goal of proposing a 2020 plan aimed at improving collaboration between European citizens and European institutions with notary publics.

The EUFides platform will additionally be developed and allow for purchase of a property in a European state via the usual notary public, who will work with a colleague located abroad. Planned regulations of marital regimes and estates for partnerships, commercial law and combating money laundering will also receive special attention.

Consult the presentation of the new president and his manifesto