ven., 14 juin 2013 08:10:00 +0000

2012 business report from the National Council of Clerks

Carried by the challenges of the profession, the National Council of Clerks at Commercial Courts (CNG) has just published its 2012 business report. In this document, the CNG reiterated its missions, the activities led during the year, and has looked back on the major dossiers which it dealt with such as opening up of the profession with implementation of the new status of a payrolled clerk, as well as proposals to increase the efficiency of commercial justice and to serve the competitiveness of the economy. With 5 million legal instruments being processed each year for companies by the 134 Registries at the Commercial Courts across the whole country, the profession has not stopped innovating so as to improve operations of commercial justice and companies. This red line of the CNG bears witness to the commitment of the profession in favour of efficiency of public service.

To download the report: