lun., 01 juil. 2013 09:01:00 +0000

Development of the online gaming sector according to the regulator

In its 2012 business report, the Online Gaming Sector Regulatory (ARJEL) underlined market development of games of money and chance online. This trend is accompanied by concentration in the sector with fewer stakeholders and permits. The 2.2 million "active player" accounts (players having registered one paid transaction in the year) and the volume of business remains stable, despite some notable disparities. For sports bets, stakes have increased by 19% and the number of "active player" accounts by 9% - a market boosted by sports events in 2012, the London Olympics and European Championships. Horse bets have seen a slight slowdown, as well as poker marked by the slowdown in "cash games" (unlimited games in terms of the number of players with real money stakes). In its report, the ARJEL additionally insisted on combating illegal sites with 311 control campaigns having been undertaken across 29 operator sites.
To consult the business report, click here.