ven., 12 juil. 2013 12:33:00 +0000

Entrepreneur poll: "the heros are tired"

The national poll led last May by the Entrepreneurial Commission of the MEDEF for business leaders has published its results. Whilst French people have favoured entrepreneurs to get out of the crisis, 82% of business leaders have issued a negative opinion as to the manner in which they are considered by French people: "not very well liked" for 21%, "crooks or money grabbers" for 16%.. The feeling of "bitterness and anger" is largely dominant with 95% of entrepreneurs. The most important problems faced on a daily basis are, for 16%, "suffocating, contradictory and harmful regulations", 12% insist on exorbitant social and fiscal costs, and 10% have cash flow problems. Concerning the obstacles to be confronted by French firms in order to beat global competition, 19% underline the weight of costs, 12% administrative constraints, 9% the rigidity of labour law. Whilst 63% of firms polled have criticised or complained about obstacles, 24% have made constructive proposals and issued self-criticism: "we need to learn to work together", "reconsider our investments in terms of product quality".