jeu., 05 sept. 2013 12:55:00 +0000

Legal map: access to justice reevaluated in eight cities

The Minister for Justice wanted to reevaluate the legal situation of eight cities after being affected by the reform of the legal map in 2008. The number of cities concerned, totalling eight, will benefit from «"concrete measures intended to recreate legal areas [of which] they have been deprived".
Consequently, the District Courts (TGI) will be reimplanted in Saint-Gaudens (31), Saumur (49) and Tulle (19). Moreover, detached chambers will be implemented in the cities of Dôle (39), Guingamp (22) and Marmande (47). Finally, two cities will benefit from strengthened access to law and justice with the creation of unique registry offices (GUG): Belley (01) and Millau (12).

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