ven., 13 sept. 2013 12:40:00 +0000

Notice to users: Infogreffe is branching out to social networks! Join us!

Always listening to what you need, we wanted to be closer to you and have decided to opt for action through interaction. This is why, today, we are present on the three main social networking sites.

Join us on:
1/ Twitter: Follow all of our news! Already close to 600 followers on our official account.
Official Infogreffe is on Twitter!

2/ Facebook : Dedicated to question and answers, this area allows us to be closer to users and to extend relations within a logic of joint creation of FAQs.
Infogreffe Facebook Page

3/ Google+: This page is dedicated to synergies between the various Infogreffe presences via Google and its affiliated sites, including YouTube. The Google+ page will also be an area for disseminating news and exchanges with users, but in a more informal manner.
Infogreffe Google+ Page

Infogreffe also has professional pages on Linked In and Viadéo where we primarily distribute information about our main news.

We listen to all of your comments, so don't hesitate to get in touch!