ven., 20 sept. 2013 08:50:00 +0000

An increasing number of temporary workers in the finance sector

According to a survey undertaken by Robert Half in June 2013, 68 % of companies asked hire specialist temporary employees in financing and accounting. Moreover, almost one in two firms employ over 10 temporary employees in these positions. Adhesion to this model, in line with the scale of the company, whether small, medium or large, was evaluated respectively at 61%, 78% and 66%.
Other figures, revealed by the survey, seem to indicate that this trend will continue to rise in the coming years. Indeed, 84% of companies calling on temporary employees have maintained, or even increased, the number of temporary employees (in 56% the number has remained stable; increase in 28% of cases on average for all company types).

Directly access results from the 2013 survey.