mar., 24 sept. 2013 15:29:00 +0000

Electronic declaration and payment of VAT: reduction in the turnover threshold

Until 1 October 2013, the threshold for turnover beyond which a company not subject to corporation tax is obligated to use the tele-process for VAT is €230,000 excluding tax. From 1 October 2013, this threshold will be reduced to €80,000 excluding tax. All companies concerned will then be bound to comply with tele-process rules for VAT as followed, since 1 October 2012, all companies subject to corporation tax, in a compulsory manner whatever the total of their turnover.
Companies not subject to corporation tax and for whom turnover is in excess of €80,000 excluding tax should therefore remotely declare and pay VAT subject to a penalty increase of 0.2%. They should also remotely declare their request for repayment of VAT credit.
In order to consider whether or not the threshold has been exceeded, the reference turnover is in principle that for the previous financial year.

Access article 53 of law no. 2011-1978 of 28 December 2011