ven., 29 nov. 2013 17:26:00 +0000

An information file on the Commercial Agent is online at CNGTC

The National Council of Clerks to Commercial Courts (CNGTC) has provided, on its website, a downloadable information file on commercial agents so as to increase accessibility to as many people as possible for the general principles of this particular status. 
Commercial agents, whether a physical person or legal entity, are representatives responsible for negotiating and concluding sales, purchase, lease or service provision agreements in the name and on behalf of various economic stakeholders. The activities of the latter are not commercial, but civil, and the latter is not an employee and not subject to labour law: this is a sole trader. A certain number of exceptions govern this status: these are listed under the information file published by the CNGTC. The social security and tax regimes of a commercial agent, whether a physical person or legal entity, are also outlined in detail.
Concerning (compulsory) registration, commercial agents must be registered with the Special Register of Commercial Agents (RSAC) held by the registry office at the Commercial Court in the place of residence. Entry on the RSAC leads to a presumption of the capacity of commercial agent. Details concerning formalities to be undertaken with the registry office are also included in this information file. Entry on the RSAC may also be undertaken directly on, under the section entitled "Formalities", and then "Register a company online".