lun., 15 déc. 2014 11:52:00 +0000

The APCE has launched the platform to offer free assistance to company transfers

Each planned company transfer includes its own strengths and weaknesses. On the basis of this observation, the Agency for Company Creation (APCE) has launched a new web platform: The objective of the provision of this new tool, for professionals involved in the transfer/takeover as for transferors and buyers, us to allow them to perform a pre-diagnosis of the transfer of a company in several clicks.

Through a quick questionnaire, the main strengths of the bill will be analysed:
- activities of the company and its market;
- its resources;
- its performance;
- its legal and regulatory environment;
- the maturity of the personal and professional bill.

Subsequently, the platform generates a report which may be used to convince the various partners. It will include comments, an overview of the bill and the plan of action which users can add to describe their project in the most accurate manner possible.

Finally, the transferor or buyer may identify support networks for takeover/transfer within its region. Professional advisors may exchange with the candidates and implement a suitable plan of action by consulting directly those results provided on the web platform.