lun., 20 oct. 2014 18:01:00 +0000

Deepening cooperation between notary publics in France and Germany

A cooperation agreement has been signed by the Higher Council of Notary Publics (CSN) and German notary publics on Tuesday 7 October 2014. The purpose of this agreement is to consolidate the existing partnership which is intended to "facilitate practical cooperation between notary publics [French and German], improve access to law for citizens and to together contribute towards increasing legal security in Europe and the world".

The convention was concluded for a term of two years and is renewable and became effective as at the date of signature, Tuesday 7 October. It includes several points:

  • reinforcement of political cooperation;
  • hosting trainees between countries;
  • implementing continuous training in the partner country legal system;
  • promotion of Franco-German twinning;
  • organisation of free information sessions.

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