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Local authorities: five keys to optimise risk management

For all local authorities, risk management offers a consolidated and strategical vision of risks which may affect their commercial activities. It is a decision-making tool and ensures security of public actions. 
According to the association of financial directors and management auditors (DFCG) and CGI Business Consulting, there are five success factors in the implementation of risk management:
  • Involvement of elected representatives in the work;
  • Relying on recognised partners and support;
  • Providing pertinent communication towards stakeholders and the general public;
  • Instilling a genuine risk management culture in order to allow roll-out of the internal controls system;
  • Developing a common language so as to coordinate internally.
By relying on these factors, local authorities will be able to respond to challenges such as "ensuring the quality of public actions; guaranteeing the continuity of public services, improving the objective performance of public actions. "notes P.-Q. Real, public sector director with CGI Business Consulting.