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Payment conditions for the contribution due by employers under the professional security contract

For companies with fewer than 1,000 employees, "employers are bound to offer, at the time of an interview or following the last meeting of staff representatives, a professional security contract [CSP] for each employee due to be dismissed for economic reasons. " (Article L. 1233-66 of the Labour Code)
Failing such a proposal, employers should pay an Employment Office contribution (and not to the URSSAF) which will be responsible for offering the contract to the employee.  Payment of this employer contribution is required within:
•    15 days following the date of issue of the notice to pay, if the employee refuses the contract;
•    a deadline which may not exceed the 25th day of the second calendar month following the start of the CSP contract where the employee accepts the proposal of the employer or Employment Centre.
The contribution is equal to 2 months gross wage, increased to 3 months where the former employee adheres to the CSP upon a proposal by the institution.

Access decree no. 2013-639