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Discover the Practical Guide of the creator: APCE edition 2014

The Agency for Company Creation (APCE) outlines, in its annual guide, the tasks of a company founder, from the origin of an idea to the company start up. The structure of the 2014 edition of the guide is constituted by the four following phases:

An initial idea

  • Where to find inspiration?
  • From an idea to a project

Project elaboration

  • Commercial viability
  • Financial viability
  • Legal viability

Launching operations

  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Organisation
  • Commercial

Starting activities

  • Organisation
  • Following development of your company
  • The basic management principles to be observed

Made available by the APCE, this guide lists all practical aspects of company establishment and supports founders so as they do not forget any of the crucial steps in the process.

Consult the practical creation guide now: steps involved in creation of your company.