mar., 20 mai 2014 15:50:00 +0000

Election of a new President of the European Chamber of Bailiffs

A new president, Patrick Sannino, was elected at the end of April to the European Chamber of Bailiffs (CEHJ). He will take over from Jean-Daniel Lachkar. The board of directors of the CEHJ will be as follows:

  • Vice President: Carlos Calvo;
  • Vice President: Ferenc Vincz;
  • Administrator: Jacqueline Buisseret;
  • Treasurer: Alberto Granier.

Under the presidency of Patrick Sannino, four issues will form the priority of the CEHJ for the year ahead: (1) consolidating the presence of the CEHJ with European institutions; (2) resolutely committing towards the digital strategy of the European Union; (3) supporting implementation of European legislative instruments and particularly the reform of the Brussels 1 regulations and the new European garnishment proceedings for bank accounts; (4) promoting the training of bailiffs for enforcement of European law.