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Overview of risk management in 2013: Global Risk Management Survey

Risk management is often a hazy subject for Board of Directors, however, it is an essential subject for good daily governance.
In fact, it is not directors by executive managers of the company who should identify risks and propose action plans to deal with these. Directors should have a supervisory and approval role for the whole process. This is what has been shown by the Global Risk Management Survey 2013, a survey undertaken in the last half of 2012, over around 1,500 respondents from companies of all sizes and all nationalities, public and private.
Moreover, this survey allowed a list of 10 major risks faced by companies in 2013 to be drawn up:
1 - Economic slowdown
2 - Changes in legislation and regulations
3 - Intensification of competition
4 - Prejudice to the brand image and reputation
5 - Incapacity to attract and retain the best talent
6 - Incapacity to innovate and meet customer requirements
7 - Operating losses,
8 - Price of raw materials
9 - Risk of cash flow and liquidity
10 - Political risks

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