ven., 29 août 2014 10:06:00 +0000

World study: 10% to 30% of the marketing budget on digital

According to the "State of marketing 2014" survey of the CMO Council published in August 2014, 70% of marketing directors in the world stated that they gave over 10% to 30% of their budget towards digital development and optimisation. 15% of them spend less than 10% and 15% over 30%.

This digital marketing budget is used to make investments in the traditional sectors: email marketing, website optimisation, mobile applications, contact management, search marketing and new website development.

For 50% of the people surveyed, the two main marketing levers are those which are based on an optimised website for search engines, on the one hand, and those which are based on an event-based approach (trade shows, conferences). For 42% of them, their value has come from interactions and commitment towards social media. Traditional brochures and distribution media are not very often cited and even less so mobile searches and advertising.