mar., 20 mai 2014 15:53:00 +0000

Study: what are the perspectives for growth for Intermediary Companies?

A recent study commissioned by KPMG and ASMEP ETI has looked into the situation of Intermediary Companies (ETI) in France. These totalled some 3093 in 2010, and 1881 recurring. On average, the latters employ a total of 615 employees, make 204 million euros in turnover and 44% are expecting a future increase in business.

Three business areas group together the primary ETIs (81.2%): manufacturing (29.8%); commerce: automobile repairs and household articles (22.9%); property, rental and commercial services (28.5%).

Concerning the types of funding that French ETIs will seek in the coming two years: 61% have indicated that they are targeting banking funding and 32% public funds. 8% of these only are planning opening up their capital to investment funds. Moreover, the share capital of ETIs represents 40% of their balance sheet total and 82% of their managers deem that the total tax amount was an obstacle to their development in recent years.

The survey also looked into determining the levers of growth for French ETIs. Consequently, it was determined that they include one quarter of total R&D expenditure. A total of 22% have a subsidiary in the EU and 60% of turnover is recorded in the EU. Finally, amongst the ETIs which recorded external growth in the last two years, 59% of these expect further growth in the coming two years.

Consult the results of the study in PDF.