lun., 31 mars 2014 08:40:00 +0000

End of transitory measures for Romanian and Bulgarian citizens since 1 January 2014

Since 1 January 2014, Bulgarian and Romanian citizens are no longer subject to application of transitory measures in force since adhesion of their Member States to the European Union. In other words, Romanian and Bulgarian citizens may freely work in France from this date, just as any other EU citizen (not within the remit of a transitory regime). To do this, there is no need to hold a residency or work permit, the individual should however hold a valid ID card or passport.

Consequently, Bulgarian or Romanian citizens may exercise any economic, paid or unpaid activities (aside for certain public post and for regulated professions subject to completing the terms and conditions for entry) in France, just as in all EU member states. Insofar as they perform a professional activity, the right to reside as an employee is accepted. However, if they are involuntarily unemployed and registered as a job seeker, this right is only maintained under certain terms and conditions for the duration of employment.

Consult all details within the immigration section of the Ministry of the Interior website.