Compensation of the manager of an SELARL: disposable income under certain conditions.

Compensation of the manager of an SELARL: disposable income as defined by the articles of association or by vote of the partners.


The Macron law: setting the record straight on the missions and commitments of the E.I.G. Infogreffe.

The Macron law: Infogreffe E.I.G. hopes to set the record straight on its missions and commitments.


The mistrust of financial directors in the face of digitalisation of planning

The nervousness of financial directors for the application of digitalisation in company management.


Big Data, a size challenge for large companies.

Big Data, a new challenge for companies and new legal framework.


Another effort Mr. Macron, Errare Humanum is, Perseverare diabolicum

The forum of Bernard Bailet, President of the Infogreffe EIG, published in the form of an open letter to Mr. Macron, Minister of Economy, Industry and of Digital Technology.


2015 Masters Prize of the National Council of Commercial Court Clerks

Registration for the 2015 Masters Prize is open until 15 June. The €1500 prize will be awarded to the best end-of-study thesis based upon a connected theme


The current status of risk charges to take into account for the new high-risk prevention account

The high-risk account, a measure allowing employees exposed to risk occupations to benefit from points for professional retraining or even retirement.


Publication of the decree establishing the listing, headquarters and jurisdiction of the Maritime Courts

The new listings of the headquarters and jurisdictions of the maritime courts effective as of 1st January 2015.


Four workshops and one conference presented by Infogreffe at the Entrepreneurial Trade Show of Paris

During the Entrepreneurial Trade Show of Paris, Infogreffe will present two workshops on Wednesday, 4 February, and two workshops and one conference bringing together 6 specialists on Thursday, 5 February.


Some truths on the Macron law, INPI and Infogreffe

Mr. Macron hopes to reform regulated professions and to release data to the RNCS as open data. Here are the proposals of Bernard Bailet, president of the Infogreffe EIG.


Less legal documents to provide for a new request for reimbursement of payment for a private copy in the event of an unchanged situation.

As of 28 December 2014, the filing of a new file requesting reimbursement of payment for a private copy no longer necessarily includes all documents included in the initial request.


New purchasing priorities for 2015 according to HEC and Agile Buyer

Cost cutting for purchasers shall be a priority in 2015 according to HEC and Agile Buyer.


Google tops the list for mobile audiences

Google is still number 1 for mobile internet according to Médiamétrie.


Social Security budget 2015: the main measures of the draft funding bill

The main measures of the draft funding bill for the Social Security in 2015.


White paper: what future financial professions for 2020?

According to the white paper published by CareerBuilder, the auditing and compliance professions should see strong growth by 2020.


A system for auditing personal data not declared to the CNIL is illegal

For the personal data processing system to be enforceable, it must be declared to the CNIL.


Seed funded SCOP: new status from 1 January 2015

The status of seed funded SCOP allows employees to hold the majority of votes from establishment, whilst being minority shareholders in capital during a maximum term of seven years.


All united for the Republican march on Sunday 11 January 2015

Clerks to the Commercial Courts, their employees and all employees of G.I.E. Infogreffe are present at the Republican march on Sunday 11 January 2015.


Launch of the 2015 Entrepreneur Show in Paris on 4 and 5 February

The Paris Entrepreneur Show will open on 4 and 5 February 2015.


Infogreffe presents its best wishes for 2015!

G.I.E. Infogreffe presents its best wishes for 2015 by video!


Crowdfunding: six proposals for a new company funding method

The FPF has proposed six measures to develop participative funding for companies.


CCRCS Notice: Does a foreign deputy manager need to present the clerk with a copy of his or her residency permit?

In its notice no. 2014-03, the CCRCS indicates the document that should be presented by a foreign deputy manager of a civil construction and sales firm for entry onto the RCS.


The APCE has launched the platform to offer free assistance to company transfers

The APCE has launched a new dedicated platform for diagnostics concerning company transfers.


Free opening and sharing of data on the National Trade and Companies Register: what the bill has clearly neglected

Me Bailet, Chairman of G.I.E. Infogreffe, has indicated the information which the Governmental draft bill has neglected in the framework of opening up and sharing RNCS data for free.


First overview of activities by Clerks prior to the Dead Justice day of 10 December

On 4 and 5 December, Clerks to the Commercial Courts have taken the responsibility of suspending activities of the Infogreffe website, of which each party can evaluate the efficiency.


A common front by the legal professions against the governmental bill

A national and unified protest by representatives of the legal profession and all of their members will take place on 10 December in Paris.


Firm opposition by Clerks to the governmental "reform"

The National Council of Clerks to the Commercial Courts (CNGTC) has issued a press release indicating its firm opposition to the Government's plans to reform the profession.


Today, can a French lawyer use publicity?

Following publication on the Official Journal of the "Hamon Law" and its implementing decree, a look at the new regulation for lawyer communication methods.


False repertoires and crimes: the imagination of crooks is without limit

Me Drai, founder of Drai associates, has looked back at cons which may be undertaken on entrepreneurs who declare their commercial activities.


The EJL project for training European bailiffs

The EJL project is intended to complement the training in European cooperation and its instruments for bailiffs in civil and commercial matters.


e-Codex: towards European legal information for companies without borders

G.I.E. Infogreffe acts as the technical operator for France and is involved in various workshops for development of the e-CODEX project.


27th CNCC Assizes: 11 and 12 December in Nantes

The 27th CNCC Assizes will take place on 11 and 12 December 2014 in Nantes on the subject of "effective offices, a response to the economic expectations".


Deepening cooperation between notary publics in France and Germany

A cooperation agreement between French and German notary publics was signed on 7 October 2014. It reinforces the existing partnership.


CCRCS Notice: terms and conditions for opposition to the universal transfer of heritage

The CCRCS has handed down notice of the procedure to be followed to oppose the universal transfer of heritage.


CCRCS notice: declaration of brand or commercial names on the RCS

According to the CCRCS, the clerk cannot refuse to register a commercial or brand name (aside for special instances). It may restrict people to register these if they use them without having made a declaration.


6 recommendations by auditors to combat counterfeit

The Court of Auditors published 6 recommendations to fight counterfeit to which the Prime Minister has responded by outlining his public policy.


What are the specificities of the status of student-entrepreneur?

All the new features of the status of student-entrepreneur reserved for young people under 28 years old.


European public consultation on the theme of "facilitating the life of SMEs"

The European Commission has launched public consultation aimed at gathering the expectations of SMEs on future EU policies.


Transfer of shares in SARL or SNC: simplification of RCS deposits

Ordinance no. 2014-863 of 31 July 2014 has amended the rules for depositing official documents with the RCS in the event of transferring shares.


2014 Edition of AFJE CAMPUS: 17 October Paris

The 2014 Edition of Campus by the French Association of Commercial Lawyers (AFJE) will take place on 17 October in Paris.


Young Lawyer's Day: 17 October 2014 at the EFB in Paris

The 2014 edition of the Young Lawyer's Day organised by the UJA will take place on Friday 17 October at the EFB in Paris


Recent regulatory modifications pertaining to public holding companies

Ordinance no. 2014-948 of 20 August 2014 pertaining to governance and operations on capital by public holdings companies was published on the JORF of 23 August 2014.


Franchising Week: from 6 to 12 October 2014

"The week for entrepreneurs in a franchise" organised by the French Franchise Federation will take place between 6 and 12 October 2014 in eight cities across France.


Expoprotection Salon: 4 to 6 November 2014 in Paris

The risk prevention and management show "Expoprotection 2014" will be held at the Porte de Versailles in Paris on 4, 5 and 6 November.


"The regulated professions are mobilised": common press release for regulated professions

The National Council for Clerks to the Commercial Courts (CNGTC) has issued a press release entitled "regulated professions are mobilised".


Column by Bernard Bailet, president of the EIG "Infogreffe, a French model for companies"

"Clerks are not annuitants!", claims the president of the EIG Infogreffe in a column published in the Huffington Post.


Digital media in the USA: mobile applications ahead of the pack

A study undertaken in the USA shows that mobile applications are now the most consulted on mobile devices.


The CNCC offers a training day on holdings and their specificities

A training day will be held on 2 October organised by the CNCC on the theme of "Holdings: a panorama of difficulties to be managed by auditors".


15 September 2014: effective date of the status of student-entrepreneur

On 15 September 2014, the news status of student-entrepreneur will allow for streamlined access to creation or takeover of companies for young students.


The RSI has two hotlines

Only two hotline numbers now exist to contact the RSI, 3648 for services and 3698 for contributions.


World study: 10% to 30% of the marketing budget on digital

According to a global study, marketing directors dedicate a major portion of their budget to digital, in its traditional aspects.


Latvia joints the European Network of Registers of Wills (RERT)

The Latvian will register joint the European network of registers of wills (RERT) in August 2014, a network allowing for consultation of wills in the EU.


Support for exporting companies: a European information platform

A portal launched online by the European Union lists all information by bodies assisting European countries wishing to focus on international markets.


Crime on the legal register: clear increase in cases indicates for several months

The CNGTC has observed, for several months, a clear increase in the amount of observed cases concerning the existence of companies soliciting company directors either in the framework of registration or in the event of initiating bankruptcy proceedings.


Two overviews of contributions to the "legal debate of the 21st Century" are available

Two overviews of contributions to the "legal debate of the 21st Century" are available on the website of the Ministry for Justice.


Seasonal rentals: Advice of the CNHJ to avoid scams

The CNHJ offers advice to holidaymakers who want to take out a seasonal lease by avoiding facing any cons.


Public procurement agreement disputes: opening of redress for all third parties

From 4 April 2014, all third parties can take redress in the middle of any dispute before the administrative judge, notably in order to gain invalidity of a public agreement.


Electronic communication between lawyers and courts: first roll out of RPVA-TC/i-greffes

Electronic communication in legal proceedings, rolled out to proceedings before Commercial Courts, allows new technologies to be adopted in management of instances. The first roll out of RPVA-TC/i-greffes have been undertaken. Discover the Commercial Courts already open


Take part in the Credit Management Survey!

The French Association of Credit Managers (AFDCC) and A.U. Group launch the first "Credit Management Survey".


URSSAF: social contributions and exonerations related to the profit sharing premium

Companies are bound to pay a "dividend premium" to their employees where dividends per share or per company share increase in relation to the average dividends paid during the previous two financial years, and they employ 50 employees or more.


Council of State: the non allocation of a public procurement agreement should be justified

In ruling no. 375051, the Council of State reiterated that conclusion of an agreement should be duly justified.


Customer and supplier payment deadline extension: attestation by the auditor (Hamon Law)

Law no. 2014-344 of 17 March 2014 pertaining to consumption (known as the "Hamon Law") has the purpose of governing relations between professionals and consumers and provides major modifications in terms of distribution law, notably concerning the role of auditor in respect of payment terms.


Notice of the CCRCS: end of legal administration for settlement of liabilities and indications on the RCS

In such instance as judicial liquidation is closed following settlement of liabilities, the clerk at the Commercial Court may not send third parties rulings handed down for bankruptcy proceedings open after 1 January 2006 (article R. 123-154 of the Commercial Code).


Court of cassation: what compensation should be paid in the event of dismissal for incapability without reclassification?

Article L. 1226-14 of the Labour Code makes provision that "termination of an employment contract [...] opens up the entitlement, for the employee, to compensation to an amount equal to that of the compensation for notice".


Public agreements: the "electronic invoicing" directive is published on the JOUE

Directive 2014/55/EU of 16 April 2014 pertaining to electronic billing in the framework of public tenders has been published on the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) on 6 May 2014.


The 2014 Company Guide for RSI is now available

The Independent Company Regime (RSI) has published its 2014 Company Guide.


Notice of the CCRCS: Limited Company with a sole member who is joint manager and not exempt from the BODACC publication

In notice no. 2013-012, the CCRCS has indicated that the exemption from insertion of a notice on the BODACC is not applicable to the limited company whose sole member, a physical person, is not sole manager.


Study: what are the perspectives for growth for Intermediary Companies?

A recent study commissioned by KPMG and ASMEP ETI has looked into the situation of Intermediary Companies (ETI) in France.


Election of a new President of the European Chamber of Bailiffs

A new president, Patrick Sannino, was elected at the end of April to the European Chamber of Bailiffs (CEHJ).


False auditors: a twofold increase in fraud in one year

The Order of Chartered Accountants (OEC) in the Paris Ile-de-France region has indicated an increase of close to 100% of presumed cases of illegal chartered accounting practices in Q1 2014 compared to Q1 2013.


European ordinance for garnishment of accounts

The Council has adopted a regulation creating a European recommendation procedure for garnishment of bank accounts. This is intended to facilitate cross-border recovery of credits in civil and commercial matters.


Planet SME: 19 June 2014 in Paris

The forthcoming edition of Planet SME will take place on 19 June 2014 at the Palais des Congrès in Paris.


Notice of the CCRCS: the clerk cannot accept a copy of the deed of transfer of company shares, even if a true and certified copy

the CCRCS has indicated "[that] in terms of publicity of the transfer of company shares in an SNC, SARL and civil company, the clerk may not accept a simply copy of a deed of transfer of the company shares certified as true and accurate by the legal representative of the company. The applicant may, if refused by the clerk, refer the matter to a judge responsible for supervision of the RCS. "


Company transmission days 2013

On 2 and 3 June, all entrepreneurs, transferors or buyers of companies and professionals in transfer (chartered accountants, notary publics) will meet at the Palais des Congrès in Paris for the 4th Company Transmission Day (JTE).


Florange Law: supporting staff representatives with an expert

Law no. 2014-384 of 29 March 2014 aimed at reconquering the real economy, known as the Florange law, has been published on the Official Journal.


Bpifrance launches a new investment fund for SMEs

To boost small SMEs in their growth, Bpifrance has launched a new investment fund entitled "France Investissement Régions 3".


ANSSI recommendations for SMEs: safety rules against cybercrime

For an SME, detecting a security incident such as intrusion into an IS can be very complex.


30th international congress of the French Marketing Association (AFM)

Organised by the French Marketing Authority (AFM), the 30th international congress will take place in Montpellier on 14, 15 and 16 May 2014.


Council of State, collective proceedings and public procurement agreements: the decision of 26 March 2014 which is a precedent

In its decision no. 374387 of 26 March 2014, the Council of State established new obligations in the framework of the procedure for awarding public contracts.


Additional deadline to request land tax exoneration

Optional and temporary exoneration of the land tax was granted for buildings located in certain territorial areas. The areas concerned are...


Panorama of women entrepreneurs by Ciel by Sage and Fédération Pionnières

A study undertaken with almost 400 female entrepreneurs by Ciel by Sage and Fédérations Pionnières shows an overview of female entrepreneurs in France.


Ad hoc and conciliation mandate: what changes for auditors

Ordinance no. 2014-326 of 12 March 2014 reforming the prevention of difficulties of companies and bankruptcy proceedings has two points concerning auditors in the framework of bankruptcy proceedings.


New legal form of a company for liberal professions: Multi-professional SPFPL

Article 31-2 has integrated into law no. 90-1258 of 31 December 1990 pertaining to trading in the form of a company operating a liberal profession, subject to a legislative or regulatory status or of which the title is protected now allows for the establishment of a multi-professional financial holding company for liberal professions (SPFPL).


Former spouse of employee: possibility of voluntary membership to the pension system for non employees

Pursuant to Article 32 of Law No. 2014-40 of 20 January 2014, spouses of employees may voluntarily join the pension system for non employees when they stop being affiliated to the old age pension insurance system for non employees.


General Meetings: can you participate even with a representative?

In ruling no. 12-10151, the Commercial Chamber at the Court of Cassation indicates to what extent the member of a company still has the right to participate in person in general meetings even when a representative has been previously appointed to represent and vote for indivisible members.


Take part in the first AFDCC show on dispute resolution

The French Association of Credit Managers (AFDCC) has launched the first study on dispute management in companies. The purpose of this study is to be published in the second edition of the AFDCC Guide in November 2014.


Third DAF congress: 1 July 2014 in Paris

Intended for financial decision-makers, the Administrative and Financial decision-maker congress will take place on 1 July at the Palais des Congrès in Paris.


Obligation to be entered on the RCS so as to receive the status of a commercial lease

In its ruling no. 12-26179 of 22 January 2014, the Civil Chamber at the Court of Cassation reiterated the importance of prior registration on the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) so as to benefit from the status of commercial leases.


Primary employer formalities: URSSAF 2014 guide

The URSSAF has published its 2014 guide for employer formalities: terms and conditions for declaration and payment of contributions, formalities related to staff recruitment, assistance in completing declarations.


Notice no. 2013-04 of the CCCFE: filing the declaration of stating to trade as a sole trader.

In ruling no. 2013-04 of 13 December 2013, the CCCFE indicates that the form for declaration to trade as sole trader "P0 Auto-Entrepreneur" may be filed with the centre for commercial formalities by any person other than the sole trader as long as it is signed by the latter.


Unfairly attracting custom: what is the duty of the commercial agent in relation with a competitor?

In its ruling no. 12-29934 of 7 January 2014, the Commercial Chamber of the Court of Cassation reiterates that a commercial agent failing to notify any similar activities to its principal for a competitor is guilty of gross misconduct and default in its obligation of loyalty.


Legal security: declare your domain name with the RCS so as this is indicated on the Kbis certificate

By declaring your domain name with the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) you allow visitors to your website to ensure the legal existence of the company whose site they are visiting.


Notice of CCRCS: does a partnership need to indicate on the registration certificate the financial year end date?

In its notice no. 2013-017, the CCRCS indicates which partnerships (SNC) should file a deed when changing the financial year end date.


2013 business report on the credit mediation of companies

Created in October 2008, credit mediation of companies has been a mechanism with the purpose of assisting companies, whatever the size and business sector, which have difficulty with a bank or credit insurance.

31/03/14, a wealth of information for company founders

The APCE has launched a website for project coordinators to encourage them to create a company.


Duty to advise: can any manager defaulting in respect of his legal obligations blame the auditor?

Chartered accountants are bound by a duty to advise in their work, towards clients or members.


End of transitory measures for Romanian and Bulgarian citizens since 1 January 2014

Since 1 January 2014, Bulgarian and Romanian citizens are no longer subject to application of transitory measures in force since adhesion of their Member States to the European Union.


Notice of the CCRCS: Does the legal publication of a Real Estate Firm need to indicate the names and addresses of members?

In ruling no. 2013-018, the CCRCS indicates that announcement of establishment of a real estate firm inserted into a legal publication journal (JAL) should notably include the "full name, and address of members jointly and severally bound by company debts".


Invoices covered by confidentiality cannot be the object of a tax audit.

In ruling no. 11LYO1009 of 16 May 2013, the Administrative Court of Appeal in Lyon laid down a limit to the right of control by the administration, which cannot concern the identity of its clients, or the nature of services offered by a depositor of confidentiality.


Order to pay: recover liabilities online twenty four seven with!

You can use the online payment order procedure against any debtor who refuses to pay any civil or commercial credit, whatever the amount.


Female entrepreneurship day: 15 April in Marseille

Organised by Epoke Conseil and Coeur d'entreprise, and supported by the Ministry for Female Law, the female entrepreneurship day 2014 will take place on 15 April at the Villa Méditerranée in Marseille.


Notice of the CCRCS: Can an Association governed by the law of 1901 be transformed into a commercial entity?

In notice no. 2013-019, the CCRCS indicated that in two particular cases, no legislative provisions allow for transformation of an association governed by the law of 1901 into a commercial entity.


Top 5 digital services preferred by online buyers

In a recently published survey, Publicis Shopper unveiled the digital services most favoured by clients.


Online survey 2014 on payment risks in Europe and France

The AFDCC and European Payment Index of Instrum Justicia are joining forces to offer European credit managers the chance to participate in their survey so as to better understand payment risks in Europe and France.


Professional Bailiff Examination 2014

The professional bailiff examination 2014 will take place during April and May 2014.


Can managers be exempt from filing for bankruptcy?

The Commercial Chamber at the Court of Cassation has reiterated that personal bankruptcy may be declared against any person who omits to request opening of bankruptcy proceedings within forty five days following the date on which payments can no longer be respected.


Intranet & Collaboration Solutions Show: 18 to 20 March in Paris

The Intranet & Collaboration Solutions show will host its 9th edition on 18, 19 and 20 March 2014 at Porte de Versailles in Paris.


Prize winners in 2014 for the 14th edition of the CSR Award in accounting

Three companies have been rewarded during the 14th edition of the CSR Award in accounting which took place on 3 March.


Notice of the CCRCS: justification in the event of transfer of registered office of an EIRL

In notice no. 2013-025, the coordination committee of the Trade and Companies Register (CCRCS) has outlined the formalities and supporting documents required for sole traders with limited liability (EIRL).


Webmarketing: half of 2014 budgets focused on listing

The ninth edition of the "State of Search Survey" (undertaken by SEMPO and Ecoconsultancy) shows an annual aggregate of information provided by marketing specialists from 25 different countries and all types of business, sectors and companies.


Transfer of shares in a limited company: obligation to notify members

In ruling no. 12-29.221 of 21 January 2014, the commercial chamber at the Court of Cassation reiterated that the invalidity of transfer of company shares in an SARL should be declared in the event of default of notice of the planned sale to members.


A free hotline for chartered accountants on 0 811 65 06 83

Conseil Sup' Services has launched a free hotline by Infodoc-experts consultants.


2014 Masters 2 Prize for the National Council of Clerks

In the framework of its partnerships with the academic world, the national council of clerks to the Commercial Courts (CNGTC) has launched its 2014 edition of the Masters 2 Prize.


Notice of the CCRCS: what are the consequences of returning to the Clerk a recorded delivery letter with acknowledgement of receipt?

In notice no. 2013-028, the CCRCS indicates the description for La Poste to be used in the event of return of a recorded delivery letter with acknowledgement of receipt, with the clerk of the Commercial Court indicating on the RCS the suspension of activities.


Discover the Practical Guide of the creator: APCE edition 2014

The Agency for Company Creation (APCE) outlines, in its annual guide, the tasks of a company founder, from the origin of an idea to the company start up.


Third edition of the Décrochez la Une! competition by LexisNexis and Le Petit Jurist

Lexis Nexis, in partnership with Le Petit Juriste, has launched the 3rd edition of "Décrochez la Une! ", its competition for drafting articles on legal issues.


What is the deadline for deferring the date on which payments can no longer be respected?

In ruling no. 13-11509 of 28 January 2014, the commercial chamber at the Court of Cassation confirms the deadline of one year as the date of no longer making payments at the request of the legal administrator.


Legal expertise symposium of 14 March 2014 in Paris

A symposium is organised for 14 March at the Maison de la Chimie in Paris by the National Council of Bar Associations (CNB) and the National Council of Legal Expert Companies (CNCEJ).


3% progression on the French digital advertising market

According to the 11th edition of the e-pub observatory undertaken by PwC for SRI (Union of Internet Advertisers) and UDECAM (Union of Consultancy and Media Purchasing Companies) the French digital advertising market has increased by 3% reaching over 2,700 billion euros in net turnover.


Notice of the CCRCS: entry on the RCS of an EIRL

In notice no. 2013-026, the coordination committee of the Trade and Companies Register (CCRCS) has outlined the formalities and supporting documents required for sole traders with limited liability (EIRL).


CNCC: Should SNCs draft and publish consolidated accounts?

The Commission for Legal Studies at the National Company of Auditors recently looked into questions which may be raised by consolidation for a partnership (SNC) for real-estate management holding civil construction and sales firms (SCCV).


New president of European notary publics: Me André Michielsens

The European Union Council of Notary Publics (CNUE) has a new president for 2014. André MIchielsens, a Belgian notary public, will take over from Frank Molitor (notary public from Luxembourg).


Obligation of major companies to perform an energy audit

Directive 2012/27/EU of 25 October 2012 pertaining to energy saving, effective as at 8 December 2013, now leads to the obligation for major companies to perform an energy audit on their activities.


AFNIC 2014 observatory: over 2.7 million domain names ending ".fr"

The French Association for Internet Naming and Cooperation (AFNIC) has published, at the start of the year, its 2013 observatory for the domain name market.


Over one half of French people are dissatisfied with "customer relations"

According to a Harris Interactive survey undertaken for Groupama along with LCI and for over 1,600 people from 6 to 9 December 2013, 54% of French people feel let down as clients.


Payment behaviour in 2013: results of the AFDCC study

The French Association of Credit Managers and Consultants (AFDCC) has published the results of the 11th edition of its annual study on payment deadlines and commercial practises.


Notice of the CCRCS: hatcheries, incubators.. what references should be declared to the RCS in the event of shared premises?

"Nobody may operate domiciliation activities without the prior approval of the administrative authorities, prior to entry on the trade and companies register" (art. L. 123-11-3 of the Commercial Code).


CNIL: recommendation, video, information page and tool for cookies and other web tracers

During its deliberation No. 2013-378 of 5 December 2013, the National Commission for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (CNIL) adopted a recommendation pertaining to the cookies and other tracers aimed at by Article 32-II of the Law of 6 January 1978.


SNC: what is the representative power in court of the group of members?

In the case of partnerships (SNC), "all members are managers, notwithstanding any stipulation to the contrary in the articles of association which may appoint one or more managers, whether or not members, or make provision for the appointment by a subsequent deed. " (Art. L. 221-3 of the Commercial Code).


The Financial Market Authority sets out the formalities applicable to financial investment advisors

Through update of its recommended position DOC-2006-23 concerning the regime applicable to financial investment advisors (CIF), the Financial Market Authority (AMF) has indicated...


DADS: date of filing deferred to 12 February 2014

The annual declaration of company data (DADS) should integrate the employer share of contributions funding healthcare contracts for income tax returns in 2013.


Notice of the CCRCS: simultaneous filing of deeds in the event of transfer of company shares to several transferees

Notice no. 2013-029 of the Coordination Committee of the Trade and Companies Register (CCRCS) has replaced notice no. 01-35 of 14 June 2001 on formalities being simultaneously undertaken for the transfer of company shares in a single company to several transferees.


Take part in the 2014 barometer: "Email marketing trends"

The 5th "Practices & trends in email marketing in France" barometer is now open! The Adetem has joined the initiative led by Dolist for the 2014 edition for the confidential annual survey on email marketing practices and strategies for French professionals.


Evening emergencies in the Paris area: 0811 112 131

The evening duty service implemented by the Chambers of Bailiffs in the Paris area celebrated its third anniversary in December 2013.


Company being listed: recommendation of the CNCC on the legal control of accounts

For listed companies, auditors, commissioned for the purpose of legal auditing of accounts, cannot certify accounts for more than six consecutive financial years.


Notice of the CCRCS: Can a simplified joint stock company declare two chairmen?

Notice no. 2013-027 of the Coordination Committee at the Trade and Companies Register (CCRCS) has indicated that for simplified joint stock companies (SAS), joint chairmanship is ruled out.

27/01/14 the social network of the CNB

The National Council of Bar Associations has offered, since 4 November 2013, a new social network open to all of the 161 bar associations in France.


Obligation of funding 50% of healthcare cover for private sector employees

Article 1 of the draft bill on the security of jobs as voted by the Senate on 14 May 2013 makes provision for implementation of a complementary health system to be offered to all employees.


9th national study day: 23 January in Paris

In 2012, the study market showed a slight decrease as compared to 2011. At the start of 2014, professions in the study sector have developed, with volumes of usable data increasing, new methods emerging and the context changing with the impact of social networks.


22nd AMRAE meetings: 5-7 February in Deauville

The Association for Risk Management and Company Insurance (AMRAE) is organising the 22nd edition of its professional meeting on Risk and Company Insurance to promote exchange, reflection and experience sharing.


What are the possible consequences of a transfer of activities on the presentation of annual accounts?

The presentation of annual accounts rests on the principles of continued operations (publication of annual accounts in the event of continued operations and not liquidation) and continued methods (still using the same accounting methods from one year to the next so as to be able to compare and coherently evaluate annual accounts).


Key figures from the barometer of SME transfers

The National Company of Consultants in Mergers and Acquisitions (CNCFA) and the financial analyst Epsilon Research have published the fourth edition of their barometer on the transfer of SMEs in France. The objective of the barometer is to inform professional stakeholders as well as local authorities on market developments in the transfer of SMEs in France and to remedy the lack of national statistics on this matter.


Notice by the CCRCS: legal representation power within a simplified joint stock company

Notice no. 2013-023 of the Coordination Committee of the Trade and Companies Register (CCRCS) has indicated that, in the case of simplified joint stock companies (SAS), a managing director, or deputy managing director indicated on the RCS, may certify as true and accurate a copy of a deed or exhibit registered as an annex on said register and that the clerk may accept such a document.


SEPA: additional transition period of 6 months

In order to protect companies and consumers in the European Union from any possible problems which could be caused by a SEPA migration (Single Euro Payment Area) for which the switch-over for payments and debits is not sufficiently high, the European Commission has implemented an additional transition period of six months.


The office 2014-2015 of the National Chamber for bailiffs

The General Meeting of the National Chamber of Bailiffs (CNHJ) took place on 6 December 2013.


Referral before the Parisian administrative jurisdictions is paper free

With creation of the Remote Redress system, lawyers on the Paris Bar and the administrative jurisdictions will see relations streamlined and sped up.


What tax system for your company in 2014?

In 2014, the exceptional contribution on corporation tax will increase from 5% to 10.7%.


CSA study: 10th annual investigation into franchise

CSA, the study and consultancy institute, published results of its 10th annual investigation into franchises for the French Federation of Franchises and Popular Banks.


Listing of case law of the Order of Chartered Accountants: from 1995 to 2013

The Order of Chartered Accountants has made available for download a listing of case law under the "responsibility of chartered accountants" for all parties entered on the Table of the Order.


The Court of Cassation approves garnishment undertaken by the Competition Authority

In decision no. 12-85.830 of 27 November 2013, the criminal chamber of the Court of Cassation dismissed the appeal made by a company contesting the validity of all garnishments undertaken.


Entry on the RCS of an SCI: tax neutrality and transfer appreciation

Following a question asked by an MP in the National Assembly, the legislator has indicated, in a response published on the Official Journal of 26 November 2013, changes pertaining to the tax estate of a Civil Real Estate Firm (SCI).


Public purchasing observatory: publication of observations over 2012

According to observations by the Observatory, the share of SMEs in public purchasing increased in 2012.


Survey: price becomes the leading online purchasing criterion for French people

According to the results of the 3rd global survey by the audit and consultancy firm PwC, price is today the leading criteria leading a French person to make an online purchase (when purchasing directly from a brand).


Extension of bankruptcy proceedings requires a professional hearing

In the event of safeguarding proceedings being initiated, as well as judicial liquidation or administration against a professional liberal debtor (subject to a legislative or regulatory framework for which the title is protected), the Commercial Code makes provision that the Court may only rule after having heard or duly called the professional order or authorities with competence thereover.


Study concerning 300 directors: strategic risk management is developing

A global study entitled "Exploring Strategic Risk" published by Deloitte and led by Forbes Insights in Spring 2013 surveyed a total of 300 company directors across the world on issues related to strategic risk management.


Can a company deduct VAT from its lawyer's fees?

In the event of criminal proceedings being lodged against a director, the company cannot deduct VAT from its lawyer's fees.


Reinforced resources in combating counterfeit

The draft bill aimed at reinforcing the fight against counterfeits was unanimously adopted at the Senate on 20 November 2013. It is intended to harmonise procedures in the event of counterfeit between various intellectual property rights.


Filing annual accounts. Opt for paper free documents on!

All companies entered on the Trade and Companies Register and subject to filing annual accounts should have these approved within 6 months by the general meeting and then file these, in the following month, with the registry office at the Commercial Court.


Launch of the examination for access to a professional placement as a legal administrator

The decree of 12 November 2013 launching the examination for access to a professional placement as a legal administrator was published on the Official Journal of the French Republic (JORF) on 22 November 2013.


The list of persons accepted to sit oral exams for the Professional Examination is online

The website of the National Chamber of Bailiffs (CNHJ) has published the list of persons accepted to sit written exams on 16 October 2013.


An information file on the Commercial Agent is online at CNGTC

The National Council of Clerks to Commercial Courts (CNGTC) has provided, on its website, a downloadable information file on commercial agents so as to increase accessibility to as many people as possible for the general principles of this particular status.


Survey: Risks of corruption and non compliance in supply chains

According to a survey undertaken by international business consultants Baker & McKenzie, various risks pertaining to suppliers have been identified. Overall, several supply chain management strategies have also been proposed.

29/11/13 the site which secures the lawyer's signature or the "lawyer's deeds"

Since the law on the modernisation of legal professions no. 2011-331 of 28 March 2011, lawyer's deeds are a new legal tool which secure legal deeds concluded by private individuals or companies in all areas of law.


Transfer of commercial rights: terms and conditions for validity of a clause of non competition towards a member

A non competition clause, towards a member, is frequently accompanied by the transfer of company shares or titles.


Client contact: property of company or commercial?

On the one hand, a sales representative should be able to freely exercise his/her responsibilities by making use of the experience acquired with a previous employer.


Responsibility of the notary public in the event of incorrect declarations by the seller

In the event of any incorrect declarations by the seller of a property, the notary public and estate agent may be liable if it is established that they had "information likely to lead to any doubt over their truthfulness or accuracy".


Survey: companies have deplored a lack of candidates with the required profile

According to a survey undertaken by Accenture, over one half of companies questioned (54%) declared that they were in difficulty in seeking adequate risk management profiles.


Financing: conditions for eligibility for the Innovation Tax Credit

The Innovation Tax Credit (CII) is an extension of the Research Tax Credit (CIR) which allows for a 20% of the total of certain innovation fees to be received in the form of a credit for expenses incurred from 1 January 2013.


2012 overview of the National Delegation for Combating Fraud (DNLF)

In its report published at the end of October, the DNLF summarised all actions led by directors and competent bodies in this domain in 2012, as well as the results achieved.


Mobile Marketing Attitude Study: "advent of the tablet

The National Union for Direct Communications (SNCD) has published results of its study on expectations of users of smartphones and tablets in relation to brands in 2013.


Security: the signature should be affixed under the compulsory handwritten indications subject to invalidity

Very formal in nature due to the risks it incurs, a security should be drafted on a valid deed with a certain number of handwritten indications.


Payment in euros: Adoption of compulsory SEPA standards before 1 February 2014

From 1 February 2014, all payments and debits in euros (France and Europe) should respect SEPA standards (Single Euro Payments Area).


Audit and reduction of social costs: reserved for regulated professions subject to illegality

On 18 September 2013, the Paris Court of Appeal confirmed case law pertaining to the nature of services to be provided by auditing firms in the area of reducing social costs.


The mediation website for public contracts has been online since mid-October

The online portal of the Ministry for Production Turnaround hosts the new website for mediation of public contracts.


14 and 15 November 2013: 4th General Meeting of the Authority for Accounting Standards (ANC) in Paris

The 4th General Meeting of the ANC will take place on 14 and 15 November at the Maison de la chimie in the seventh arrondissement of Paris.


12 November 2013: 5th prevention day in Paris

The 5th prevention day will take place on Tuesday 12 November in the Aveyron Show in the twelfth arrondissement of Paris.


13 November in Lyon: Time 2 Marketing show

The Time 2 Marketing Show will take place on 13 November at Château Perrache.


Survey: French and advertising on social networks

The IFOP and Generix Group undertook a survey into the purchaser feeling and behaviour of French people in relation to advertising on social networks.


Local authorities: five keys to optimise risk management

For all local authorities, risk management offers a consolidated and strategical vision of risks which may affect their commercial activities.


Renewed trust between the CSOEC and Credit Mediation for companies

The partnership agreement between the Superior Council for the Order of Chartered Accountants and Credit Mediation was renewed on 19 September 2013.


2013 Report by the AMF: commercial governance and remuneration of directors of listed companies

In its 2013 report, the financial markets authority (AMF) has drafted, for the tenth consecutive year, the overview of information provided and practices in terms of commercial governance of 60 companies listed referring to the AFEP-MEDEF code.


Duty to advise: the party taking out a property credit is entitled to advice from the bank and notary public

When taking out a mortgage, the borrower is entitled to advise and notices from the notary public and banker.


Template convention to combat late payments in public orders

The legislator has set out the template convention to be used to conclude cooperation between principals and public accountants (Decree of 20 September 2013, published on the Official Journal of 8 October).


Recommendations to combat phishing published on the Official Journal of the Senate

Phishing is a technique used by computer pirates to overturn the identity of an internet user.


European Credit Managers: take part in the quarterly survey of the FECMA

European Credit Managers are, as in each quarter, interviewed on the Credit Management environment.


Study market: slight fall in 2012 compared with 2011

In 2012, the accumulated turnover for French survey institutes was 2 billion euros, which is a fall of 1.3% compared to 2011.


Bailiffs are becoming stakeholders in local mediation

Since 2011, the ancillary work in conventional or legal mediation by Bailiffs has been authorised (decree no. 2011-1173 of 23 September 2011).


7th day for young lawyers: 18 October 2013 at Paris Law Courts

For the seventh consecutive year, the day for young lawyers will take place in the Salle des Pas Perdus at the Palais de Justice in Paris on Friday 18 October.


5th barometer of Computerisation-Finance: four new trends in the digitisation of documents

According to the 2013 edition of the Computerisation-Finance barometer, the four current trends are multi-ERP media, assistance for financial and accounting piloting, supplier collaboration and mobility.


Report by the think tank on authentic documents: it is still synonymous with legal security

Does authenticity still have a role to play in our modern day society? Yes is the answer by the think tank on authentic documents, in its report issued to the Superior Council of Notary Publics and published on 25 September 2013.


An online series to promote the profession of chartered accountants: first episodes available!

"Gaspard the Chartered Accountant" is an online series created at the initiative of the Regional Council of the order of chartered accountants (CROEC) in Paris Ile-de-France.
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