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The company: a common value recognised by the French according to a study by the strategic consulting firm of Kea & Partners.

The value of the company with the French is on the rise according to the barometer of the strategic consulting firm of Kea & Partners, published on 6 January 2015.

The study show that employees recognise more their value as members of their company than they do as member of society in general. The majority of active French people have a positive image of their company and stake claim to their positive points. And finally, the company is the last safe investment for the French after the family.

The French company culture is composed of three key values:
- Team work
- The search for results
- Customer satisfaction

The common values are not the same according to gender. Men rank first the qualities of confidence and efficiency, and women present the virtues of adaptability and sociability.
In contrast, employees have numerous exceptions at the level of communication and of recognition by their superiors.

According to the barometer, the perception of company culture varies in accordance with the status of the employee or manager. French employees, notably in large companies, hope that their companies would grant them more confidence and that internal discussions would be more positive in order to motivate their efficiency. 
Managers are therefore called upon to favour dialogue in order to lessen certain internal brakes and to clarify the company's direction, and its commitments to all stakeholders