lun., 24 juin 2013 13:18:00 +0000

The profession of lawyer in figures

After a study published in 2002, the Observatory of the National Council of the Bar Association has just published the main data concerning the profession of lawyer.
As at 1 January 2012, a total of 56,176 lawyers worked in France with a demographic evolution of +42.4% observed over 10 years and an increasing amount of females working in the sector, which in 2012 has 52.7% of females compared to 51.9% one year earlier. The average age of professionals is 43.3 years old, more precisely 40.6 years old for women and 46.4 years old for males.
In France, the average density is 86 lawyers for every 100,000 people, compared with just 64 in 2002. From this increase in workforce, 3.6$% of lawyers work individually, with 29.4% being partners. According to the CREPA, 12,865 law firms were listed at the end of 2012 employing a total of 39,742 non lawyer professionals. Finally, the geographical disparity is underlined by this study since 41% of lawyers work in the Paris Bar Association from the 161 bar associations listed in France.