ven., 16 janv. 2015 12:29:00 +0000

White paper: what future financial professions for 2020?

According to the white paper published by CareerBuilder : future companies in the financial sector will have to rise to new challenges: cost cutting, risk management, adaptation to changes. These challenges will push financial professions to seek new profiles which are more flexible and adapted to a variety of skills. They should be able to understand the impact of digital devices on client relations.

This sector will undergo massive recruitment. Indeed, the creation of over 4,000 executive posts in the administrative and financial departments as well as accounting departments is expected in 2020.
The number of qualified employees in these departments will reach 12,000 people. Financial managers should have new skills focused on digital tools and take due account of the increase in globalised procedures in this sector.

These new requirements compel companies to renew, elaborate new expertise and develop their practices. However, according to CareerBuilder, these measures are not without risk, with the increase in regulations and accounting standards leading companies not to comply with these new procedures for financial control.

Consequently, experts capable of identifying these changes will be solicited by companies. In the banking sector, expert managers will be hired to define prevention plans. Experts in compliance will implement code of ethics for banking supervision.