lun., 08 avr. 2013 14:25:00 +0000

New office of the National Council

The National Council of the CNCC* has renewed the composition of its national office; twelve new members will hold office during the period 2013-2014. The National Office will have many missions: coordination of activities by Regional Councils, prevention and conciliation of disputes between professional bodies, preparation of deliberations by the National Council, transmission to the Minister of Justice of draft professional standards and, centralisation of regional company files. Yves Nicolas, the new Chairman, shall be assisted by three deputies, René-Charles Perrot, Compagnie de Grenoble, Béatrice Jestin, Compagnie de Rennes, and Denis Lesprit, Compagnie de Toulouse. Assisting them are a Treasurer, five members and representatives of Departments of Financial Markets: Chairman, Gilles Hengoat, of Compagnie de Paris, and Deputy Chairman, Jean-Pierre Letartre, of Compagnie de Versailles.

* National Company of Auditors.