mer., 16 avr. 2014 14:35:00 +0000

New legal form of a company for liberal professions: Multi-professional SPFPL

Article 31-2 has integrated into law no. 90-1258 of 31 December 1990 pertaining to trading in the form of a company operating a liberal profession, subject to a legislative or regulatory status or of which the title is protected now allows for the establishment of a multi-professional financial holding company for liberal professions (SPFPL).

The objects of these companies are to take holdings in companies performing several of these regulated legal professions, from figures to intellectual property. This concerns lawyers, notary publics, bailiffs, legal auctioneers, chartered accountants, auditors and consultants in industrial property.

Decree n° 2014-354 of 19 March 2014, implementing article 31-2 aforementioned, "implements a procedure for multiple declarations in order to provide information to all control authorities for professions indicated in the company objects. It additionally sets forth the terms and conditions in line with which changes are declared and considered, during the term of the company, to the situation initially declared by the company. It makes provision for pooling information held by each competent control authority towards the multi-professional SPFPL, with each being bound to send the other control authorities audit reports for the company as established. It finally indicates the liquidation proceedings following winding up of the multi-professional SPFPL". This decree became effective as at 22 March 2014.