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Panorama of women entrepreneurs by Ciel by Sage and Fédération Pionnières

A study undertaken with almost 400 female entrepreneurs by Ciel by Sage and Fédérations Pionnières shows an overview of female entrepreneurs in France. The following can be observed:

  • 3 in 4 female entrepreneurs are attracted by the idea of innovation (first reason);
  • They are also motivated by a "strong need for independence", which is shown by the fact that 77% of them are majority holders of commercial capital;
  • The two issues representing the largest difficulties are development of clients and daily and administrative management (cash flow, accounting);
  • Half of women questioned earn over 40,000 euros annually (income) after 5 years of activities.
  • 55% contracted personal loans, 27% used an honorable loan (loan at a zero rate with deferred repayment) in the framework of their funding search;
  • Finally, only 4% of female entrepreneurs attempted crowdfunding as an approach.

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