lun., 08 déc. 2014 12:34:00 +0000

First overview of activities by Clerks prior to the Dead Justice day of 10 December

On 4 and 5 December, Clerks to the Commercial Courts have taken the responsibility of suspending activities of the Infogreffe website, of which each party can evaluate the efficiency.

Consequently,the following services, made available by the EIG., have been accessible :

The portal and access to official documents by web services, namely:
- Impossible access to official documents including the Kbis certificate of incorporation, deeds and articles of association, annual accounts;
- No online formality: incorporation, modification, striking off, filing accounts, requests for orders to pay;
The main users concerned: entrepreneurs, banks, sellers of information about companies, administrations.

Lawyer portals: access impossible to consultation of businesses, filing conclusions, listings.
Main users concerned: business lawyers but also indirectly entrepreneurs.

Judges portal;
The main users concerned: judges, presiding judges at the commercial courts and indirectly entrepreneurs.

No information about companies is made available.
The main users concerned: financial establishments, sellers of information.

These two days of suspension show how economic confident and legal security are vital for companies.
The draft Macron law, in its current form, is a harm to the French model for companies, which we have developed for almost 30 years.
The position of Bercy has forced us to initiate this movement to show the importance of services that our profession provides to companies and professionals in the legal and accounting areas.
This is the purpose of our action.
Services involved in the distribution and computerisation by ministerial officers, guarantee, by our status, the security and legality of information (deeds, documents, etc.).
More than ever involved, clerks and their website Infogreffe join in the national day mobilising professionals in the legal sector on 10 December 2014.