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2013 business report on the credit mediation of companies

Created in October 2008, credit mediation of companies has been a mechanism with the purpose of assisting companies, whatever the size and business sector, which have difficulty with a bank or credit insurance. It is free, quick and confidential.

This local mechanism is led in each department by 105 departmental credit mediators who are directors of the Banque de France. A national credit mediator, Jeanne-Marie Prost, was appointed at the end of 2012 to lead the mission at national level. Referral to the credit mediator can be undertaken online at: www.mé

In 2013, over 4,300 companies referred matters to the Credit Mediator and around 3 out of 4 matters referred were accepted for mediation. Of these matters, 2,682 were investigated and closed, for 1,371 billion euros in credit (excluding written off debts) was unblocked. 1,530 companies were assisted in their activities and over 47,000 jobs were protected. The successful mediation rate stands at 57%.

Consult the 2013 business report of Company Credit Mediation.