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DILA Report (2012): a unique digital portal will centralise all legal publications

In the perspective of developing the technical and legal framework for legal publications, the Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (DILA) has indicated, in its 2012 report, opening of a unique digital portal pooling all legal publications concerning French firms.
 "The dematerialisation work undertaken with the Chancellery in 2009 aimed at implementing a computerised chain of commercial publications issued by civil registry offices could not be completed in 2012, leading the DILA to internalise, from May 2012, the entry of 8,000 notices published on the BODACC B which overall represented a total of 33,038 publications in 2012. "
Creation of a new portal, in the form of a search engine, will allow users to access publications appearing in Legal Publication Journals (JAL) on the BODACC website (Official Journal of Civil and Commercial Publications) and on
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