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Streamlining administrative disputes

Published on the Official Journal on 15 August 2013, decree no. 2013-730 of 13 August 2013 amends the administrative justice code (regulatory section).
Decree is made concerning amendments to the administrative justice code (regulatory section) on revisions of the list of disputes falling within the scope of the judge for administrative courts, the list of disputes which may be exempt from pleadings by the public prosecutor, and the first instance jurisdictional competence devolved to administrative appeal courts.
As at 1 January 2014, provisions pertaining to the following shall become effective: the jurisdictional competence of the judge ruling alone and expert reports before administrative jurisdictions; the first and last instance jurisdictional competence of administrative courts; the first instance jurisdictional competence of administrative appeal courts and social disputes.
The legislator has decreed that the essential nature of the dispute and the individual situation of public agents falls within collegial training and that social disputes shall fall under the remit of the sole judge in full and shall form a part of disputes likely to be exempt from pleasings by a public prosecutor. Moreover, the right to appeal has been removed for all social disputes as well as disputes concerning driving licences. The latter has been reestablished for disputes concerning the civil service as a whole.

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