Procedures Guide

The Procedures guide allows entrepreneurs and decision-makers to have a reliable, precise and up to date overview of legal procedures and measures concerning commercial formalities to be undertaken. It is broken down into 6 sections in which you can find information and documentation required for formalities with Registry Offices at the Commercial Courts.

Public Treasury priority status

The registration may be full removed or partially removed if only a portion of the amounts due have been reimbursed. Removal is requested by the Treasury, but the ability is always open to the debtor for request of partial removal upon presentation of the court clerk of a certification indicating partial payment established by the auditor who required registration (Article 396 2nd, Annex II of the General Tax Code).

When the debtor is relieved of the debt, the competent auditor requests, within one month, full removal of the no longer needed registration (Article 1929 4th, 2nd of the CGI).

Documents to be provided to the registry office

Two copies of the certification of payment (full or partial) established by the public auditor having required registration.


(Prices with tax)

Full or partial removals (all amounts): 2.34 euros (without postage).