The Certigreffe Digital certificate enables companies to exchange all their documents (quotes, contact, purchase orders…), over the Web, in complete security, and to perform their remote procedures.

The Certigreffe certificate provides proof of the existence of documents online, the identity of the issuer and the integrity of the transmitted message.
This pricing, simplicity of use and multi-purpose framework make Certigreffe the most sold certificate in France.

Access the dedicated website www.certigreffe.fr

in detail


The Certigreffe electronic certificates act as electronic identity cards, in the form of USB flash drives, and are useful for all your formalities.
The registrar of the Commercial court, a civil servant and ministerial officer, verifies the requester's identity and guarantees the quality of the certificate issued. CertEurope operates Infogreffe's certification services.
Certigreffe contains the surname, first name, email address of the holder as well as the SIREN [registration] number and company name.
In addition to being a certificate for all your formalities, Certifigreffe provides confidentiality and guarantees the security of all your interactions on the Internet.