Search for a matter

Search for a court case or a company to be monitored over Infogreffe
Access the Infogreffe legal area You can consult details about a pending matter: search for a name, listing number, representatives of the parties, as well as the date of the next hearing before the Commercial Court. In this area, you can also follow the background of a pending matter or a matter which has been ruled and order the ruling when handed down or the ordinance where applicable.

Hearings schedule

Registry offices hearings schedule: case search
Consult the hearings schedule for each Commercial Court by selecting the court which concerns you.
Schedules issued by registries of these Commercial Courts are updated and available online.
For each hearing, you may find the following information: chamber, location, room, time when the hearing starts, formation.

Order for payment

Draft a request for an order for payment
An order for payment is a quick and non definitive procedure so as to respond to requests for the recovery of liabilities. Infogreffe guides you throughout every step of this procedure, notably in the information and documents to be presented. A request for an order to pay can be undertaken online, totally electronically or by way of a simple request (part completion online, printing and filing with the registry or posting to the Registry).