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Infogreffe allows you to track a company and receive alerts when an event occurs in different fields: a modification to the entry at the Trade and Companies Register, filing annual accounts, instruments filed at the registry office, updates to debt statements etc. Once you have set up the tracker on a company, you will be automatically alerted of any event. The tracker will only end if you remove the company from your tracking portfolio, or the company stops trading.

By registering to track a company, you can also see any event that occurs and order the documents. Opening tracking is free of charge. Only reception of the notifications will give rise to invoicing.

By tracking a company, you will be notified of main events that affect it. Companies are not only subject to a registration modification formality or a compulsory reference at the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) held by a registrar of the Commercial court, but it must also be filed in the appendix of this register (instruments, annual accounts).
The scope of this service extends to registrations and updates for liens and pledges (note that only debtors designated by their company registration number at the RCS can be tracked).
This is a simple way to receive regularly updates of information relating to the situation of a customer or a supplier: when a tracked event is detected, an email and/or a SMS is sent to alert you of the change.

Conditions  To enjoy the company tracker service, you must have an account as a member or subscriber to Infogreffe.

Duration and number There is no validity period for the tracker service, however it can be stopped at any time at the initiative of the user, or automatically when specific events occur (company removed from the RCS, filing of annual accounts).  The maximum number of companies being tracked depends on your client profile. You can track up to 50 companies as a member and 2,000 as a subscriber.  The user sets his own framework for his financial track, first by selecting the company targeted by this process, then by limiting the tracking scope to certain parameters of company's identification (name, registered office, registered share capital), business activity, changes in management, or even the start of a collective insolvency procedure. The permitted level of detail allows you, for example, to select the filing of specific instruments (share sales). 

Which companies should be tracked? You can track companies that are legal entities (retailers/traders, companies, GIEs, private companies) registered in the Trade and Companies Register (across all Registry offices except TI/TGI [small claims courts and district courts] and DOM/TOM).  The companies that cannot be tracked include: µ
- companies de-registered from the RCS,
- secondary offices,
- companies that have filed their articles of association but not yet registered at the RCS,
- companies whose data has not yet been processed (summary dossiers),
- companies in court-ordered liquidation proceedings.

As regards the choice of the company, it should be noted that it is impossible to track any company de-registered from the RCS or not yet registered, a secondary registration, a file where the data set has not been processed electronically, as well as a company in court ordered liquidation proceedings. 

Email and/or SMS alert message when you set up the tracking service, we will ask you to choose whether you want to receive an email alert and/or a SMS alert: the alert message will inform you that one or more events have been detected on one or more of the companies in your tracking portfolio.  E-mail alerts will be offered by default. The email address used will be the email address in your profile. But you can change the email address.  You can un-tick this option if you do not want to receive alerts or to also tick the SMS option, in order to receive an SMS alert. 

Please note
- If you would like to be alerted by email, please check that the email address entered is correct and that your mailbox is not full.
- If you would like to be alerted by SMS, please check that the mobile phone number entered is correct to receive alerts.

To find out more about tracking a company

> See the full document

It is free of charge to initiate tracking. 

Only reception of the notifications will give rise to invoicing. 
- A notice detected in the RCS field will be billed at 1.30 euro ex. VAT.
- A notice detected in the "liens/pledges' field will be billed at 2.60 euros ex. VAT per type of registration for all alerts in the same day. 
- A notice detected in the 'annual accounts' field will be billed at 1.30 euro ex. VAT.
- A notice concerning the filing of instruments will be billed at 1.30 euro ex VAT regardless of the number of instruments viewed.
If more than one notice has been detected on the same day in the same field, they shall be charged only once, for example 1.30 euro ex. VAT for all changes in the RCS field. 



Judicial administration

Judicial administration

The main reason for the legislation behind judicial administration proceedings is to allow a business in difficulty to continue its activity in the framework of legal processing, while at the same time allowing it to repay its debts and maintain its jobs.

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