To order the record of modifications for a company :


History of modifications

The record of modifications at the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) concerns all the modifications made to a company registered at the RCS.
NB: insolvency proceedings are not included in this record, but are shown in the comments section of the Kbis extract.

To order the record of modifications, please:
1: Use the search form to go to the Infogreffe data sheet of the company which interests you.
2: Go to the 'Official documents' part of the company's data sheet and click on the section 'Record of modifications'.
3: Select the transmission method (email/post) of your chosen document. It will be automatically added to the shopping cart.
4: Click on: 'Complete my order': or on the shopping cart at the top of the page and follow the steps in the order tunnel to receive the official document and the receipt.

Do you know about company tracking?
With this service, you will be immediately informed of any modification to the RCS with respect to the company or companies that you are tracking.
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Record of registration modifications at the RCS (view only - no transmission charges): 7.80 euros inc. VAT

Transmission charges:
Administrative costs for email transmission: 2.34 euros inc. VAT
Postal costs if postal option selected: 0,94 euro inc VAT

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