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Company name

A Company's name enables identification of the company, mostly with clients, suppliers, administrations and the wider public.

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Share capital

Share capital fulfils several roles: company funding, guarantee for third-party creditors, and distribution key of rights and powers within the company; it can be seen as a multifunction instrument serving additional interests: not only those of the company, but of its owners and creditors.

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The articles of association of a company

The articles of association constitute the company's founding charter. They give the company its individual character and materialise its main characteristics, especially its objectives and general operation with regard to partners, shareholders and the parties. They are mandatorily set in writing.

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Register your future company

Company formalities: registration, RCS

Creating a company requires that it is registered with the Trade and Companies Register (RCS). You can perform this registration formality concerning your company online or directly with the competent court of commerce registry office.

Is your application complete? A Kbis extract will be sent to you, making the existence of your company official.


In practice:
Access the RCS registration forms depending on the type of company to set up: commercial company, société civile, individual company.
•    If you send your dossier through the post: fill in the form online and print it. A practical guide will list the required documentary evidence in order to make up your application. Send it to the competent commercial court registry office, i.e. the jurisdiction in which your head offices are located.
•    If you register the company online, you will need a scanner to dematerialise the documentary evidence. Simply follow the instructions on screen.


Register your company online

Registering on-line at the
Trade and Companies Register


You can register your company directly on-line on the site

To begin the procedure, please follow this link: RCS Registration.

Facilitate your administrative formalities by registering your company at the Trade and Companies Register on-line. Your request will be sent directly to the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) to be processed and registered.
For the online procedure:
- fill in the online form depending on the chosen legal form;
- upload the scanned supporting documents;
- the registration costs should be paid by credit card via a secure payment system.
- You will be sent a return receipt email confirming that your file has been received.
If you file is complete, the Kbis extract [company registration certificate] will be sent to you within 24 hours by the Commercial Court's registry office.

Your online registration can be interrupted at any time. In fact, a temporary reference number will be allocated to you file after you have validated the first step. Please make a note of it in order to continue the company registration later.

When you would like to continue your on-line registration application, please enter the tracking number of your file and continue the process.


You must click on the chosen legal form to begin the registration process for the commercial company.
SARL (société à responsabilité limitée) (private limited company)
SELARL (société d'exercice libéral à responsabilité limitée) (private practice company with limited liability)
EURL (entreprise unipersonnelle à responsabilité limitée) (limited liability company under sole ownership)
SAS (société par actions simplifiée) (simplified joint stock company)
SA (société anonyme à conseil d'administration) (public limited company)
SNC (société en nom collectif) (general partnership)
SCS (société en commandite simple) (limited partnership)


You must click on desired legal form to begin the registration process for the private company.
Société civile (société civile immobilière, société de placement…) (private real property development company, investment company, etc.)
Société civile de moyens (non-trading private company)
Société civile professionnelle (private professional partnership)

To find out more about the sole trader, please view the file which concerns your situation:

> EIRL [limited liability sole trader]


> Commerçant [retailer, trader]

> Agent commercial [sales agent]


> Artisan [artisan, craftsman]

> Artisan commerçant [Artisan trader]



Download the articles of association for entreprise unipersonnelle à responsabilité limitée (EURL) (limited liability company with sole ownership).

> Click here.




Once you have completed your request to register your company at the Trade and Companies Register (RCS), you will be sent an email confirming that your registration has been updated. If the file is complete, you will receive a Kbis extract within 24 hours, confirming the official existence of your company.