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Our duties

Infogreffe provides distribution of legal and economic information on business companies on behalf of all of the Registries of all French commercial courts.
As an extension of the public services provided by court registrars, Infogreffe's mission is to facilitate access to its services and to dematerialise all the principal procedures and dealings with registrars. The information provided has legal validity.

Infogreffe's briefs

Since its establishment in 1986, Infogreffe G.I.E has made available to the public data collected by each of the 134 clerks of the Commercial Courts. Its role is to simplify things for company directors by means of Internet access to Registry information.
Through the website, French Commercial Court clerks distribute the Register to more than 3.2 million French companies.
The data can be accessed on various types of media:
•    Internet (;
•    the Infogreffe automatic vocal server (0 891 01 11 11) (free of charge from a landline subject to your operator's charges).
The registry contains all the information concerning traders and companies: whether by moral or physical persons, exercising a commercial type activity legally requires registration with the Trade and Companies Register (RCS). The Register is maintained locally by the Commercial Court Registries.
The RCS Registry information is public; it can be accessed by means of copies, Kbis (company registration certificates) extracts, and certificates, but also via the Web through the Infogreffe services.
Various documents relating to companies, including annual reports and official proceedings (Kbis documents, statutes, inscriptions of privileges etc) are offered to the public; pricing is set by law. The service is provided in French and in English.

Know us better


The data concerning the companies registered at the Trade and Companies Register via the registry offices at the Commercial courts are taken from the public registers of each Commercial court registry office in France.

The data concerning the companies registered at the Trade and Companies Registers of other jurisdictions (tribunal d'instance [small claims courts] with a commercial jurisdiction, mixed commercial courts in the DOM-TOM) are provided by the Institut national de la propriété industrielle [National Institute of Industrial Property] (INPI).

The information on companies not registered at the Trade and Companies Register are taken from the SIRENE database kept by the Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques [National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies] (INSEE).

Infogreffe makes the following information available to the general public:

Free information
• Searching for and viewing summary sheets for companies.
• Key company figures.
•    Implementing tracking (free alert, paid consultation).
•    Lists of articles of association and company deeds available.
• Registering your company online, guide to formalities as well as downloadable forms and templates.
• Files on specific topics, news, FAQs, glossaries and tutorials.

Paid information
Trade and Companies Register
View or order Company certificates of incorporation: the certificate of incorporation is the identity form for a company. You can also request to receive Kbis extracts regularly.

Registered privileges and securities
Vital for learning the debt level and the financial health of your clients or suppliers, you can view and order their lien and pledge registrations.

Detailed annual accounts
You can discover the reality behind the figures for the companies that interest you (balance sheet, profit and loss statement, accounts receivable and payable) and order them by post or download them. It is free to set up a tracking service to be informed when the annual accounts of a company that you are interested in have been filed.

Company articles of association and deeds

Background to significant events.
View all of the significant events that have occurred chronologically in the life of a company: this can include a modification at the RCS, filing a corporate instrument or insolvency proceedings.

Setting up a free tracking service
By tracking a company, you will be automatically notified by email and/or SMS of any change in the legal and financial situation of a company with respect to:
• annual accounts (balance sheets)
•    insolvency proceedings, receiverships, court-ordered liquidations;
•    liens, pledges;
• any other event registered at the Trade and Companies Register.
You can select the field you want to track. You will only pay for what you actually view.

Bankruptcy, judicial liquidation or administration procedures
Keep yourself informed as soon as possible about any changes in the proceedings to assert your rights, and in particular concerning:
• procedural bodies;
• procedural deadlines, dates of publication in the BODACC;
• judgements and orders which you can order;
• assets for sale;
• list of submissions and reports filed at the registry office of the Commercial court (If scanned by the registry office of the Commercial court).
By tracking a company you can be informed by email or SMS when a formality is initiated as well as its progress.

Full details
Infogreffe allows you to draft a file in almost no time at all.
This complete file contains a Kbis extract, the list of registrations that can be modified at the RCS, the latest updated articles of association, search results for bankruptcy protection, receivership and court-ordered liquidation proceedings, the full debt statement, the latest annual accounts filed limited of the last two financial years.
The complete file can be viewed either digitally or ordered by post.

The list of the documents contained in this file and its price depends on the availability of documents for the company you are interested in. In fact, the price of the service is the sum of all the proposed documents, to which is added the cost of transmission (electronic transmission costs or postal charges).

With a single subscription price of 99 euros/year inc VAT, across all media (excluding viewing documents), you can:
- have your contact details pre-registered for each new order. Just use your confidential code as a subscriber;
- you don't need to use a credit card or pay an upfront charge;
- you will be billed monthly, receiving a detailed statement your orders;
- track up to 2,000 companies.

> Download the subscription agreement.
> To subscribe, click here.

If you have any questions, please:
Consult the section Help and FAQ, where you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Contact us by telephone on 0891 01 11 11 (free call from a landline, although please check as some providers may charge) or by fax on 01 41 74 72 74.

If you wish to write to us:
Infogreffe - Immeuble Le Parisien - 5-7, avenue de Paris - 94300 Vincennes