9/28/16 Profil

The 128th National Congress of the Law Clerks of the Registries of the Commercial Courts

Most of the Law Clerks of the Registries of the Commercial Courts will be attending this national event that will take place at the Palace Beaumont de Pau. Legal updates on the Law Clerk profession will be discussed during the congress.

9/22/16 Infogreffe Profil

Accessing confidential financial statements/documents

Legal entities entitled to access confidential financial statements need to subscribe to Infogreffe to get access to such documents.

11/5/15 Profil

Nouveau renouvellement du Conseil d'orientation de l'édition publique et de l'information administrative

Par décret du Premier ministre en date du 30 octobre 2015, la composition du Coepia est de nouveau modifiée

10/28/15 Profil

Une société n'a pas accès aux agréments fiscaux d'une société concurrente

Le Conseil d'État affirme que, sur le fondement du secret professionnel et du secret en matière commerciale et industrielle, une société n'a pas accès aux agréments fiscaux d'une société concurrente.

10/22/15 Profil

Administration fiscale : droit de communication sur les personnes non identifiées

Après aval de la CNIL, un décret autorise l'administration fiscale à communiquer des informations sur des personnes qui ne sont pas directement identifiées.

10/14/15 Profil

URSSAF : obligation d'adresser l'avis de passage à l'employeur au sein de l'établissement

L'URSSAF doit adresser l'avis de passage à l'employeur tenu aux obligations afférentes au paiement des cotisations faisant l'objet du contrôle.

6/22/15 Profil

5e édition des États généraux du droit administratif le 26 juin 2015 à Paris

L'édition 2015 des États généraux du droit administratif se tiendra à la Maison de la Chimie à Paris le 26 juin sur le thème de l'urgence devant le juge administratif.

6/22/15 Profil

Hausse de 25% des redressements Urssaf en 2014

Les Urssaf ciblent de mieux en mieux les entreprises qui fraudent. Le total des anomalies détectées sur les cotisations atteint 1,45 milliard.

5/29/15 Profil

Renouvellement du conseil d'orientation de l'édition publique et de l'information administrative (COEPIA)

Le COEPIA est renouvelé par décret, il exerce notamment une fonction d'évaluation, d'expertise et de conseil dans le domaine la mise à disposition des données publiques.

3/9/15 Profil

Public service agents: calculate your GIPA in 2015

Public service agents can benefit from the GIPA for the year 2015

1/30/15 Profil

Publication of the decree establishing the listing, headquarters and jurisdiction of the Maritime Courts

The new listings of the headquarters and jurisdictions of the maritime courts effective as of 1st January 2015.

10/20/14 Profil

6 recommendations by auditors to combat counterfeit

The Court of Auditors published 6 recommendations to fight counterfeit to which the Prime Minister has responded by outlining his public policy.

6/16/14 Profil

Electronic communication between lawyers and courts: first roll out of RPVA-TC/i-greffes

Electronic communication in legal proceedings, rolled out to proceedings before Commercial Courts, allows new technologies to be adopted in management of instances. The first roll out of RPVA-TC/i-greffes have been undertaken. Discover the Commercial Courts already open

6/12/14 Profil

Council of State: the non allocation of a public procurement agreement should be justified

In ruling no. 375051, the Council of State reiterated that conclusion of an agreement should be duly justified.

6/12/14 Profil

Customer and supplier payment deadline extension: attestation by the auditor (Hamon Law)

Law no. 2014-344 of 17 March 2014 pertaining to consumption (known as the "Hamon Law") has the purpose of governing relations between professionals and consumers and provides major modifications in terms of distribution law, notably concerning the role of auditor in respect of payment terms.

4/16/14 Profil

Council of State, collective proceedings and public procurement agreements: the decision of 26 March 2014 which is a precedent

In its decision no. 374387 of 26 March 2014, the Council of State established new obligations in the framework of the procedure for awarding public contracts.

4/16/14 Profil

New legal form of a company for liberal professions: Multi-professional SPFPL

Article 31-2 has integrated into law no. 90-1258 of 31 December 1990 pertaining to trading in the form of a company operating a liberal profession, subject to a legislative or regulatory status or of which the title is protected now allows for the establishment of a multi-professional financial holding company for liberal professions (SPFPL).

3/26/14 Profil

Invoices covered by confidentiality cannot be the object of a tax audit.

In ruling no. 11LYO1009 of 16 May 2013, the Administrative Court of Appeal in Lyon laid down a limit to the right of control by the administration, which cannot concern the identity of its clients, or the nature of services offered by a depositor of confidentiality.

2/27/14 Profil

Legal expertise symposium of 14 March 2014 in Paris

A symposium is organised for 14 March at the Maison de la Chimie in Paris by the National Council of Bar Associations (CNB) and the National Council of Legal Expert Companies (CNCEJ).

2/4/14 Profil

The Financial Market Authority sets out the formalities applicable to financial investment advisors

Through update of its recommended position DOC-2006-23 concerning the regime applicable to financial investment advisors (CIF), the Financial Market Authority (AMF) has indicated...

1/10/14 Profil

Referral before the Parisian administrative jurisdictions is paper free

With creation of the Remote Redress system, lawyers on the Paris Bar and the administrative jurisdictions will see relations streamlined and sped up.

12/16/13 Profil

The Court of Cassation approves garnishment undertaken by the Competition Authority

In decision no. 12-85.830 of 27 November 2013, the criminal chamber of the Court of Cassation dismissed the appeal made by a company contesting the validity of all garnishments undertaken.

11/15/13 Profil

2012 overview of the National Delegation for Combating Fraud (DNLF)

In its report published at the end of October, the DNLF summarised all actions led by directors and competent bodies in this domain in 2012, as well as the results achieved.

10/23/13 Profil

2013 Report by the AMF: commercial governance and remuneration of directors of listed companies

In its 2013 report, the financial markets authority (AMF) has drafted, for the tenth consecutive year, the overview of information provided and practices in terms of commercial governance of 60 companies listed referring to the AFEP-MEDEF code.

9/13/13 Profil

AMF informs distributors of financial income on remuneration

The Financial Market Authority (AMF) has just published a recommendation on remunerations and benefits received by investment service providers and financial investment advisers.

9/5/13 Profil

Legal map: access to justice reevaluated in eight cities

The Minister for Justice wanted to reevaluate the legal situation of eight cities after being affected by the reform of the legal map in 2008.

8/20/13 Profil

The ARCEP is deprived of sanction powers by the Constitutional Council

For annulment of a fine handed down by the ARCEP, the cable operator Numéricable asked the Council of State to ask a Priority Constitutional Question (QPC) to the constitutional council. For Numéricable, article L36-11 of the Electronic Post and Communication Code did not comply with article 16 of the Declaration of Human and Citizen's Rights as it did not guarantee the separation of powers.

7/12/13 Profil

New directive pertaining to annual and consolidated accounts

WIth application of European Directive 2013/34/EU, accounting obligations will now depend on the size of a company.

7/12/13 Profil

DILA Report (2012): a unique digital portal will centralise all legal publications

The Directorate for Legal and Administrative Information (DILA) has indicated, in its 2012 report, opening of a unique digital portal pooling all legal publications concerning French firms.

7/1/13 Profil

Development of the online gaming sector according to the regulator

In its 2012 business report, the Online Gaming Sector Regulatory (ARJEL) underlined market development of games of money and chance online.

4/8/13 Profil

European seminar at the Council of State

This was the first meeting between two institutions: the legal department of the European Parliament and the Council of State. It took place on 20 February, at the initiative of the deputy chair of the Council of State.