9/28/16 Profil

The 128th National Congress of the Law Clerks of the Registries of the Commercial Courts

Most of the Law Clerks of the Registries of the Commercial Courts will be attending this national event that will take place at the Palace Beaumont de Pau. Legal updates on the Law Clerk profession will be discussed during the congress.

9/22/16 Infogreffe Profil

Accessing confidential financial statements/documents

Legal entities entitled to access confidential financial statements need to subscribe to Infogreffe to get access to such documents.

10/22/15 Profil

Procédure de recouvrement amiable de créances: le partenariat entre huissiers et experts-comptables

Un accord de partenariat a été conclu, début octobre, entre les huissiers et les experts-comptables pour fluidifier la procédure de recouvrement amiable de créances d'entreprises.

9/23/15 Profil

Allègement des formalités fiscales d'enregistrement des sociétés

Les actes constitutifs des sociétés n'ont plus systématiquement à être enregistrés auprès de l'administration fiscale.

4/20/15 Profil

Les huissiers ont lancé leur plateforme de règlement amiable

La CNHJ lance sa plateforme Medicys afin de faciliter l'accès des particuliers et des professionnels au règlement amiable des litiges.

1/30/15 Profil

Publication of the decree establishing the listing, headquarters and jurisdiction of the Maritime Courts

The new listings of the headquarters and jurisdictions of the maritime courts effective as of 1st January 2015.

11/24/14 Profil

The EJL project for training European bailiffs

The EJL project is intended to complement the training in European cooperation and its instruments for bailiffs in civil and commercial matters.

6/25/14 Profil

Seasonal rentals: Advice of the CNHJ to avoid scams

The CNHJ offers advice to holidaymakers who want to take out a seasonal lease by avoiding facing any cons.

5/20/14 Profil

Election of a new President of the European Chamber of Bailiffs

A new president, Patrick Sannino, was elected at the end of April to the European Chamber of Bailiffs (CEHJ).

4/16/14 Profil

New legal form of a company for liberal professions: Multi-professional SPFPL

Article 31-2 has integrated into law no. 90-1258 of 31 December 1990 pertaining to trading in the form of a company operating a liberal profession, subject to a legislative or regulatory status or of which the title is protected now allows for the establishment of a multi-professional financial holding company for liberal professions (SPFPL).

3/14/14 Profil

Professional Bailiff Examination 2014

The professional bailiff examination 2014 will take place during April and May 2014.

1/27/14 Profil

Evening emergencies in the Paris area: 0811 112 131

The evening duty service implemented by the Chambers of Bailiffs in the Paris area celebrated its third anniversary in December 2013.

1/10/14 Profil

The office 2014-2015 of the National Chamber for bailiffs

The General Meeting of the National Chamber of Bailiffs (CNHJ) took place on 6 December 2013.

12/10/13 Profil

Reinforced resources in combating counterfeit

The draft bill aimed at reinforcing the fight against counterfeits was unanimously adopted at the Senate on 20 November 2013. It is intended to harmonise procedures in the event of counterfeit between various intellectual property rights.

11/29/13 Profil

The list of persons accepted to sit oral exams for the Professional Examination is online

The website of the National Chamber of Bailiffs (CNHJ) has published the list of persons accepted to sit written exams on 16 October 2013.

10/14/13 Profil

Bailiffs are becoming stakeholders in local mediation

Since 2011, the ancillary work in conventional or legal mediation by Bailiffs has been authorised (decree no. 2011-1173 of 23 September 2011).

9/20/13 Profil

Professional bailiff examination: dates and place of exams

The written and oral professional bailiff exams will take place respectively in October and November 2013.

9/13/13 Profil

Lawyers and bailiffs unite to facilitate their work and increase responsiveness in civil matters

A protocol pertaining to use of an electronic schedule of hearings before an investigating judge has just been signed by three Parisian institutions: the chamber of justice, the district court and the bar association.

6/24/13 Profil

Bailiff deed deemed inadmissible by the Court of Cassation

The Court of Cassation has just confirmed the enforceable nature of notice served by a bailiff. The tenant of any commercial premises had served notice by mistake, and had then tried to serve a request for renewal of the lease, annulling and replacing the previous notice.

5/29/13 Profil

Afnor standard and validity of Internet reports

The Paris Court of Appeal provides clarification of the Afnor standard pertaining to the validity of on-line reports.

4/8/13 Profil

Annual University in Marrakesh: the risk in questions!

In Morocco, from 21 to 23 March 2013, the fifteenth edition of the University of the National Union of Bailiffs (UNHJ) took place, with the theme of risk management by entrepreneur bailiffs.