11/16/16 Profil

Looking for business funding ?

Infogreffe is leveraging its expertise and content to facilitate entrepreneurs' access to the credit market by launching in partnership with Findynamics.

9/28/16 Profil

The 128th National Congress of the Law Clerks of the Registries of the Commercial Courts

Most of the Law Clerks of the Registries of the Commercial Courts will be attending this national event that will take place at the Palace Beaumont de Pau. Legal updates on the Law Clerk profession will be discussed during the congress.

9/22/16 Infogreffe Profil

Accessing confidential financial statements/documents

Legal entities entitled to access confidential financial statements need to subscribe to Infogreffe to get access to such documents.

10/29/15 Profil

Pour la 1ère fois le Paris Open Source Summit s'exposera deux jours en novembre

Pour sa première fois en Europe, Paris accueillera le Paris Open Source Summit qui est la chambre d'écho international des contributions multiples du Libre et de l'Open Source

9/22/15 Profil

Première édition du Salon des Entrepreneurs à Marseille les 14 et 15 octobre 2015

Pour la première fois, un Salon des Entrepreneurs se tiendra à Marseille. L'occasion pour les entrepreneurs de la région de booster leurs projets.

9/3/15 Profil

Marketing Day 2015 le 15 octobre à Paris

Le RDV annuel des décideurs marketing se tiendra mi-octobre à l'Espace Pierre Cardin à Paris.

7/16/15 Profil

Les principaux enseignements du baromètre marketing digital 2015

la quatrième édition du baromètre marketing digital, publié cette année, permet de faire le point sur les futures tendances du marketing digital en France.

4/28/15 Profil

2ème édition de la Digital Marketing à Biarritz les 4 et 5 juin 2015

La seconde édition de Digital Marketing se tiendra les 4 et 5 juin 2015 à Biarritz

4/20/15 Profil

Remise des trophées du marketing le 21 mai à Paris

La soirée de remise des trophées du marketing aura lieu le 21 mai 2015 à Paris.

3/18/15 Profil

Forecasts for strong growth of e-commerce with mobile capabilities in France in 2015

According to a study conducted in January 2015, spending made by mobile devices should register a strong increase during the full year.

3/18/15 Profil

Communication & Marketing encounters for Springtime Studies on 16 and 17 April 2015, in Paris

On the 16 and 17 April 2015 the fourth edition of Springtime Studies, the meeting place for professionals in the studies sector.

3/9/15 Profil

Facebook draws more and more SMEs.

The majority of Facebook advertisers are SMEs.

1/16/15 Profil

Google tops the list for mobile audiences

Google is still number 1 for mobile internet according to Médiamétrie.

9/10/14 Profil

Digital media in the USA: mobile applications ahead of the pack

A study undertaken in the USA shows that mobile applications are now the most consulted on mobile devices.

8/29/14 Profil

World study: 10% to 30% of the marketing budget on digital

According to a global study, marketing directors dedicate a major portion of their budget to digital, in its traditional aspects.

4/16/14 Profil

30th international congress of the French Marketing Association (AFM)

Organised by the French Marketing Authority (AFM), the 30th international congress will take place in Montpellier on 14, 15 and 16 May 2014.

3/14/14 Profil

Top 5 digital services preferred by online buyers

In a recently published survey, Publicis Shopper unveiled the digital services most favoured by clients.

3/7/14 Profil

Webmarketing: half of 2014 budgets focused on listing

The ninth edition of the "State of Search Survey" (undertaken by SEMPO and Ecoconsultancy) shows an annual aggregate of information provided by marketing specialists from 25 different countries and all types of business, sectors and companies.

2/23/14 Profil

3% progression on the French digital advertising market

According to the 11th edition of the e-pub observatory undertaken by PwC for SRI (Union of Internet Advertisers) and UDECAM (Union of Consultancy and Media Purchasing Companies) the French digital advertising market has increased by 3% reaching over 2,700 billion euros in net turnover.

2/17/14 Profil

Over one half of French people are dissatisfied with "customer relations"

According to a Harris Interactive survey undertaken for Groupama along with LCI and for over 1,600 people from 6 to 9 December 2013, 54% of French people feel let down as clients.

1/27/14 Profil

Take part in the 2014 barometer: "Email marketing trends"

The 5th "Practices & trends in email marketing in France" barometer is now open! The Adetem has joined the initiative led by Dolist for the 2014 edition for the confidential annual survey on email marketing practices and strategies for French professionals.

1/16/14 Profil

9th national study day: 23 January in Paris

In 2012, the study market showed a slight decrease as compared to 2011. At the start of 2014, professions in the study sector have developed, with volumes of usable data increasing, new methods emerging and the context changing with the impact of social networks.

12/13/13 Profil

Survey: price becomes the leading online purchasing criterion for French people

According to the results of the 3rd global survey by the audit and consultancy firm PwC, price is today the leading criteria leading a French person to make an online purchase (when purchasing directly from a brand).

11/21/13 Profil

Client contact: property of company or commercial?

On the one hand, a sales representative should be able to freely exercise his/her responsibilities by making use of the experience acquired with a previous employer.

11/15/13 Profil

Mobile Marketing Attitude Study: "advent of the tablet

The National Union for Direct Communications (SNCD) has published results of its study on expectations of users of smartphones and tablets in relation to brands in 2013.

11/8/13 Profil

13 November in Lyon: Time 2 Marketing show

The Time 2 Marketing Show will take place on 13 November at Château Perrache.

10/24/13 Profil

Survey: French and advertising on social networks

The IFOP and Generix Group undertook a survey into the purchaser feeling and behaviour of French people in relation to advertising on social networks.

10/14/13 Profil

Study market: slight fall in 2012 compared with 2011

In 2012, the accumulated turnover for French survey institutes was 2 billion euros, which is a fall of 1.3% compared to 2011.

9/24/13 Profil

A study has revealed the lack of collaboration between the IS Director and marketing director

According to an Accenture survey led with 400 marketing managers and 250 information system directors, only 1 in 10 believes that "collaboration between their respective posts is sufficient".

9/5/13 Profil

The eCommerce Paris 2013 fair will be held at Porte de Versailles from 24 to 26 September.

This year, the eCommerce Paris fair will be held at Porte de Versailles on 24, 25 and 26 September.

7/23/13 Profil

24 hour Customer Relations: 2013 edition

On 10 October, the 24 hour Customer Relations event will take place in all regions of France.

7/4/13 Profil

10th Marketing Assizes

Meeting on 17 September for the tenth marketing assizes which will take place at Pavillon Gabriel in Paris.

6/13/13 Profil

Identifying marketing priorities in eight questions

To organise its marketing activities, prioritising short-term activities with a view to preparing the future, a health overview in eight questions is offered to companies.

6/3/13 Profil

Marketing and Web Fair

On 12 and 13 June, at the Porte de Versailles in Paris, 3.0 marketing and 3.0 web specialists can take part in a series of conferences on: "The purpose of Web3: in direct relation with end users".

4/8/13 Profil

A marketing label for SMEs

In order to support SMEs in their marketing activities, ADETEM, supported by the Directorate General for Competitiveness, Industry and Services (DGCIS) and the Ministry for Improving Productivity, presents a complete marketing platform and directory of marketing professionals.

2/19/13 Infogreffe Profil

Infogreffe at the Entrepreneurial Trade Show

63,602 people visited the Paris edition of the Entrepreneurial Trade Show during the two days on which it was held, on 6 and 7 February 2013.