11/16/16 Profil

Looking for business funding ?

Infogreffe is leveraging its expertise and content to facilitate entrepreneurs' access to the credit market by launching in partnership with Findynamics.

9/28/16 Profil

The 128th National Congress of the Law Clerks of the Registries of the Commercial Courts

Most of the Law Clerks of the Registries of the Commercial Courts will be attending this national event that will take place at the Palace Beaumont de Pau. Legal updates on the Law Clerk profession will be discussed during the congress.

9/22/16 Infogreffe Profil

Accessing confidential financial statements/documents

Legal entities entitled to access confidential financial statements need to subscribe to Infogreffe to get access to such documents.

11/19/15 Profil

La déclaration et le paiement de la TVS : date limite du 30 novembre 2015

Les sociétés doivent transmettre au service des impôts des entreprises leur déclaration et le paiement de la taxe sur les véhicules des sociétés jusqu'au 30 novembre 2015.

9/10/15 Profil

Tous les impôts et taxes en SEPA inter-entreprises à compter du 28 octobre 2015

À compter du 28 octobre 2015, les télépaiements de TVA, IS, TS, CVAE, TSCA, TVS seront effectués au format SEPA inter-entreprises (SEPA B2B), quelle que soit la filière (EFI / EDI).

6/22/15 Profil

A partir du 1er juillet, un mineur effectuant sa première année d'apprentissage ne coûtera rien aux TPE

Les TPE n'auront à payer ni cotisation sociale, ni salaire pour la première année suivant l'embauche d'un apprenti de moins de 18 ans à partir du 1er juillet 2015.

5/29/15 Profil

Publication d'une circulaire détaillant des réductions de cotisations pour les employeurs du secteur privé

La circulaire détaille les différentes étapes servant au calcul de la réduction générale et à la détermination de l'éligibilité au taux réduit de cotisations d'allocations familiales.

5/29/15 Profil

Attestation de vigilance URSSAF obligatoire à partir de 5 000 € depuis le 1er avril 2015

Le seuil minimum pour avoir obligation de fournir à son donneur d'ordre une attestation de vigilance est relevé à 5 000 € hors taxe depuis le 1er avril 2015.

5/22/15 Profil

Vos acomptes de contribution économique territoriale à régler avant le 15 juin 2015

Les acomptes de la CFE et la CVEA sont à régler impérativement avant le 15 juin 2015 directement sur le site des impôts.

4/28/15 Profil

De nouvelles conditions pour les contrats de location de véhicule en vigueur au 1er avril 2015

Le 1er avril, annonce l'entrée en vigueur de nouvelles conditions pour les contrats de location de voiture.

4/17/15 Profil

Comptabilité des comités d'entreprise : les décrets tant attendus sont enfin parus !

Deux décrets précisent les nouvelles exigences en matière de comptabilité auxquelles devront répondre les comités d'entreprises à l'avenir.

3/31/15 Profil

Publication of the decree concerning the compensation of lawyers intervening on behalf of legal aid

A new decree modifies the compensation of lawyer intervening on behalf of legal aid.

2/3/15 Profil

The current status of risk charges to take into account for the new high-risk prevention account

The high-risk account, a measure allowing employees exposed to risk occupations to benefit from points for professional retraining or even retirement.

6/12/14 Profil

URSSAF: social contributions and exonerations related to the profit sharing premium

Companies are bound to pay a "dividend premium" to their employees where dividends per share or per company share increase in relation to the average dividends paid during the previous two financial years, and they employ 50 employees or more.

6/4/14 Profil

Court of cassation: what compensation should be paid in the event of dismissal for incapability without reclassification?

Article L. 1226-14 of the Labour Code makes provision that "termination of an employment contract [...] opens up the entitlement, for the employee, to compensation to an amount equal to that of the compensation for notice".

4/16/14 Profil

Additional deadline to request land tax exoneration

Optional and temporary exoneration of the land tax was granted for buildings located in certain territorial areas. The areas concerned are...

4/14/14 Profil

Third DAF congress: 1 July 2014 in Paris

Intended for financial decision-makers, the Administrative and Financial decision-maker congress will take place on 1 July at the Palais des Congrès in Paris.

4/14/14 Profil

Primary employer formalities: URSSAF 2014 guide

The URSSAF has published its 2014 guide for employer formalities: terms and conditions for declaration and payment of contributions, formalities related to staff recruitment, assistance in completing declarations.

2/4/14 Profil

DADS: date of filing deferred to 12 February 2014

The annual declaration of company data (DADS) should integrate the employer share of contributions funding healthcare contracts for income tax returns in 2013.

1/10/14 Profil

What tax system for your company in 2014?

In 2014, the exceptional contribution on corporation tax will increase from 5% to 10.7%.

12/10/13 Profil

Can a company deduct VAT from its lawyer's fees?

In the event of criminal proceedings being lodged against a director, the company cannot deduct VAT from its lawyer's fees.

11/8/13 Profil

Audit and reduction of social costs: reserved for regulated professions subject to illegality

On 18 September 2013, the Paris Court of Appeal confirmed case law pertaining to the nature of services to be provided by auditing firms in the area of reducing social costs.

10/23/13 Profil

Template convention to combat late payments in public orders

The legislator has set out the template convention to be used to conclude cooperation between principals and public accountants (Decree of 20 September 2013, published on the Official Journal of 8 October).

10/3/13 Profil

5th barometer of Computerisation-Finance: four new trends in the digitisation of documents

According to the 2013 edition of the Computerisation-Finance barometer, the four current trends are multi-ERP media, assistance for financial and accounting piloting, supplier collaboration and mobility.

9/24/13 Profil

Electronic declaration and payment of VAT: reduction in the turnover threshold

Until 1 October 2013, the threshold for turnover beyond which a company not subject to corporation tax is obligated to use the tele-process for VAT is €230,000 excluding tax.

9/20/13 Profil

An increasing number of temporary workers in the finance sector

According to a survey undertaken in June 2013, 68% of companies asked hire specialist temporary employees in financing and accounting.

8/28/13 Profil

The ACOSS has provided further clarification as to the exceptional early unblocking mechanism for participation and profit sharing

The Central Social Security Agency (ACOSS) has provided two clarifications on the exceptional early unblocking mechanism for participation and profit sharing.

8/20/13 Profil

The new European payment system SEP in place within 6 months!

From 1 February 2014, only SEPA European payments and debits will be authorised. All services concerned within the company should prepare for SEPA migration which makes provision for generalisation at European level of the unique bank identification number (IBAN).

7/12/13 Profil

New directive pertaining to annual and consolidated accounts

WIth application of European Directive 2013/34/EU, accounting obligations will now depend on the size of a company.

7/12/13 Profil

Payment exemption deadlines for two new sectors

Two decrees have ratified the interprofessional agreements applicable to different sectors aimed at assisting economic stakeholders to pay their suppliers with longer payment terms than those for which provision is made under article L 441-6 of the Commercial Code.

7/4/13 Profil

Administrative and Financial Decision-makers congress: on course!

Intended for financial decision-makers, the Administrative and Financial decision-maker congress will take place on 9 July at the Palais des Congrès in Paris.

6/24/13 Profil

Effective entry of the tax increase on short term temporary contracts

The Employment Security Law making provision for a tax increase on short-term temporary contracts will be effective as at 1 July 2013.

6/3/13 Profil

Electronic signatures and Signexpert, on Infogreffe

Since May 2013, chartered accountants holding a Signexpert certificate can file the balance sheets of their clients on the Infogreffe website.

4/16/13 Profil

The CICE should be entered under which accounting heading?

The College of the Accounting Standards Authority (ANC) has defined the accounting treatment for the Competitiveness and Employment Tax Credit (CICE).