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Public service agents: calculate your GIPA in 2015

According to the methods under the Decree of 6 June 2008 civil servants, servicemen paid monthly, magistrates and contract employees can benefit from the individual guarantee of purchasing power allowance (GIPA).
This guarantee was instituted by the State in the fight against the phenomenon of inflation. It results from the relationship between the evolution of the gross treatment index which the factor possesses over a 4-year period and the consumers price index for the same period.
Certain conditions must be satisfied in order to be eligible for this guarantee: 
• Magistrates, civil servants and servicemen must have been paid during at least three years of the four year reference period;
• Contract employees must have been employed in a continuing manner over a period of four years taken into account by the employer;
• All professional categories must maintain their professional status at the end of the referenced years.
En 2015, the reference period, set by the Decree of 23 January 2015, runs from 31 December 2010 to 31 December 2014.
Moreover, the Order of 4 February 2015, sets the rate of inflation and annual values for the basis point to be taken into account for implementation of the GIPA. 
To establish the formula for calculation of the GIPA, it is necessary to consider different base points for the fixed period:
• The rate of inflation: +5.16%;
The average value of the basis point in 2010: €55.4253 ;
• The average value of the basis point in 2014: €55.5635 .
To calculate the amount of GIPA which they may claim, public service officials need only indicate the increased index held on 31 December 2010 and 31 December 2014.