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Company heads: prepare your entrance into retirement in an optimal manner

The majority of polls show that the French are concerned with regard to their retirement pensions, believing them insufficient for the maintenance of a proper lifestyle. Company heads share this concern because most do not benefit from a truly protective plan.
Certain devices are in place to permit them to ensure an income supplement:
• The Perp, an individual savings product open to all, permits the acquisition of the right to collect a life annuity, blocking of sums, and deduction of the taxable profit on contributions paid on the contract, as well as possible anticipated release.
• The Madelin is a savings product reserved for unsalaried workers (TNSs). The Madelin contract functions similarly to the Perf but is distinguished by a larger tax deduction favouring higher incomes. The entrepreneur must set the amount which she/he commits to pay. It must be made clear that the TNS must necessarily be current in contributions to health insurance and pension plans in order to benefit from this device.
• Retirement savings through the company: entrepreneurs may not benefit from the supplemental pension plans anticipated by Article 39 and Article 83 of the General Tax Code under certain conditions. Therefore, the sums paid by the company on their behalf are permitted as deductions from profits for the income tax base or company tax and exempted from national insurance contributions.
• Comparing plans : managers can optimise their various placement means by associating them and thus accumulate their various tax and social leverages.  It is recommended to the saver to diversify investments in order to increase performance potential.
As each case is unique, it is perhaps necessary to consult a patrimonial advisor in order to select adequate supports, determine funding methods and optimise returns.