ven., 06 mars 2015 11:04:00 +0000

Creation of the "Handing Over and Resumption" network favouring the handing over and recovery of a company

TheAPCE (Agency for Company Creation), theAPCMA (permanent assembly of the trade and artisanal chambers), BpiFrance, CCI undertaken in France, the CNB (national bar council, the CSN (upper council of notaries) and the CSOEC (upper council for the Order of Chartered accountants) signed, on Wednesday, 4 March, in the offices of the upper council of the order of chartered accountants, a partnership agreement within the framework of the creation of the "Handing Over and Resumption" network.
The objective of this network is to unite all of these authorities for the support of entrepreneurs during the handing over or resumption of a company.
This network's missions are several: 
- develop information with the public by the distribution of practical tools (forms, guides, web content);
- promote, with professional network members, adapted training, and approaching several domains at the same time;
- be a force for proposals with public authorities to favour and facilitate the handing over and the resumption of a company.
The presidents of these institutions presented, during the signature of their partnership, the first common tool proposed by the network:  the guide: "From transferor to buyer. " It will be available in paperback and downloadable on their respective sites.