12/07/2013 PROFILE > Avocat

New services available to lawyers by their Orders

Two new services intended for lawyers are currently being rolled out in parallel at national level:
•    A product and purchasing central database
•    A process and website for storage of lawyers' deeds
The first, named PRAEFERENTIA/COREFRANCE, will consist of a product platform which will offer preferential rates to all lawyers for various basic products and services required for their profession. Rolled out on 1 July 2013, this new service is intended to be a pooling tool to allow for significant economies of scale.
The second, which can be used from 1 September, corresponds to a standardised process and website allowing for sustainable storage of lawyers' deeds.
For Jean-Luc Forget, President of the Conference of Presidents of the Bar Association: "This is work which shows that Orders, whatever their size, can and should find themselves in shared projects in the common interest of all of our colleagues. "
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