08/04/2013 PROFILE > Expert-comptable

Joseph Zorgniotti, new Chairman of the Council of Chartered Accountants

At 56 years of age, Joseph Zorgniotti assumes the post of Chairman of the Council of Chartered Accountants. An election which occurred after numerous responsibilities successively exercised successively at the regional and national level, including the Chairmanship of ECT (Chartered Accountants and Auditors in France). Following his appointment, the "ECF - Liberal Union - Promote" candidate stated: "The team which I am honoured to lead must rapidly implement the program for which the profession granted us its confidence". Consolidating the resources of SMEs, increasing the vitality of the economic fabric and creating added-value; the new Chairman, as a rallying point, counts on the new organisation of the Council to respond to the performance and development needs of professionals and their clients.