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Management favours the sustainability of their businesses but few of them envision transferring their companies to an employee

The study of the business law firm Fidal on company handover, published 27 January, shows that the majority of managers are concerned by the future and the sustainability of their companies. However, only 9% envision transferring their company to an employee; due to major obstacles.

In effect, ETI management and small companies would be involved and aware of their economic and social responsibilities. For 60% of these entrepreneurs, the profile of the ideal buyer is a person who has mastered the nuts and bolts of this function, for 1/3, it relates to a family member, and finally, for 21%, it relates to a person from the trade.

Moreover, 44% of managers consider that the tax burden, and the complexity of legal and fiscal systems establish the main brakes on the transfer of companies.

According to the survey, 15% of TPE and SME disappearances result from ill-prepared handovers.

Finally, this study reveals that 41% of managers did not commit shares to insure the sustainability of their company in the event of force majeure: death, incapacity and divorce.  Certain formalities may avoid conflicts between heirs, such as a mandate effective posthumously, however this device was only implemented by 0.6% of those polled.